10 Best Web-Based Video Editors For 2022 

 February 23, 2022

Changing content consumption trends imply that online videos are watched more extensively than ever. Surprising as it may seem, almost 30,000 hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube per hour. Tapping into the power of technology is a must for standing out as a video creator amid such ferocious competition.

Unlike software-based video editing tools, online video editors don’t necessitate the need for a high-end laptop or computer. One of the significant issues with video editing software is that the projects consume considerable space on your system. With online video editors, you need not worry about running out of storage space as the video files are stored on the server.

Here are the top 10 web-based video editors that can give you a clear edge over competitors in the content creation world.

  1. InVideo

Boasting advanced functionalities and a slick user interface, InVideo is by far the best online video editor on this list. The web-based editor comes equipped with 5000+ eye-catching video templates to facilitate a smooth and seamless start. InVideo’s remarkably huge media library allows editors to enrich their videos with fantastic images, background audios, GIFs, and other features. The extensive array of video effects and mind-blowing transitions offered by this tool can take your content to the next level.

  1. Animoto

Loaded with plenty of advanced features, Animoto is an excellent online video tool to create content that drives organic traffic to your social profiles. The tool’s extensive selection of storyboard templates is apt for various video content types like slideshows, tutorials, promo videos, and related content. The social media integration capabilities of Animoto make it easy for editors to share content on sites like Facebook and Twitter directly.

  1. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is a highly advanced online video editor targeted at both amateur and professional video marketers. This superb web-based editing solution features a stunning multi-track timeline that can come in handy for organizing image files and video clips. Clipchamp’s user-friendly video utilities and classy templates can help you make creative video content within a few minutes.

  1. Magisto

If you simply want to make a video by assembling a bunch of interesting clips, look no further than Magisto. Whether you are making a movie trailer, social media video or a business ad, you will find video templates for all purposes. However, do note that the advanced editing features of Magisto become accessible only after you opt for a paid plan.


  1. Renderforest

Boasting swaths of cool-looking templates, Renderforest is a suite of multiple applications that includes a web-based video editor and a superb logo maker. The video editing solution is perfect for editors who want to include custom text and pictures into their clips. While Renderforest is an outstanding choice for making basic edits to your clips, the tool does not give much creative control when you create videos from scratch.

  1. Rocketium

Rocketium is a web-based content creation suite that seamlessly integrates with a plethora of social media platforms. This modern video editor lets you experiment with stylish fonts, animations and motion graphics, thereby getting your creative juices flowing in no time. Getting started with Rocketium is going to be incredibly easy as the platform features loads of fantastic video templates. Moreover, the online video editor works like a charm for converting blog posts and articles into videos that attract millions of views.

  1. Video Toolbox

Having become a big hit among modern-day video creators, Video Toolbox is your go-to tool for making quick edits. You can use this video editing tool for varied purposes like cropping clips, adding subtitles, converting video formats, clipping and such features. This editing platform enables users to edit video files in bulk whenever the deadlines are strict. Above all, the user interface of Video Toolbox has an old-school feel to it.

  1. Powtoon

When it comes to making fancy animated videos for social media platforms, Powtoon can serve the purpose quite well. The tool boasts a great variety of cartoony templates and animations to further style with illustrated characters. Only a few video editors are aware that Powtoon equips an inbuilt plugin that allows users to transform Photoshop designs into interesting animated clips.

  1. FlexClip

Packed with simple editing capabilities, FlexClip is another fantastic web-based video editor that can work wonders for supercharging your video marketing plan. The tool boasts a voice recording facility, and its outstanding template selection can mesmerize content creators in a flash. The extensive library of stock media files further uplifts the appeal of this tool. Unlike many online editors, Flexclip makes it possible for users to split videos into multiple clips.

  1. Clideo Video Maker

Clideo is a simple video editor that has recently garnered significant traction among non-tech-savvy video creators. Be it cropping messy portions, rotating clips or compressing video files, the basic functionalities of this tool can do it all. You can use the Clideo Video Maker to spruce up your content with stunning images, background music and video clips.


Given that the internet is flooded with trillions of videos, competition among creators is increasing day by day. A study by Cisco has revealed that 82% of total internet traffic in 2022 will come from videos alone. Hence, scaling up content production has become a necessity in today’s age. Leveraging technology and staying up-to-date with the latest content trends is also imperative for standing firm in the online video creation space.

Thanks to the advent of web-based video editors, you no longer have to bear the brunt of downloading large-sized files. A laptop and an average internet connection are all that is needed to pave the way for a hassle-free video editing experience. Look into the suggested video editing software and make sure you select the best online video editor from the list above to revamp your content strategy for making your videos go viral on social sites in less time. 


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