10 Ways To Tell If a Slot Machine Is Hot 

 June 20, 2022

Slot machines are easy to understand, but at the same time, they’re so complicated that anyone can easily be fooled by them. In order to avoid being burned out on attempting to figure out whether a machine like rtp slot tertinggi hari ini and slot online is hot or not-hot, you’ll want to learn some simple techniques and approaches. Here are ten ways you can tell if a slot machine is hot or not-hot.


  1. If you stop and the machine stops:

If you stop playing, but the reels keep spinning, then this is a good sign that you’re dealing with a hot machine. If you have money in front of you and the slot machine keeps on giving out more, then you can count on this one being hot. A hot slot machine will give out money whether it wants to or not. It’s ‘hot’ with winnings, so to speak!


  1. When the amount of coins matches:

The next clue that tells whether a slot machine is hot or not-hot is when the number of coins placed into the machine matches exactly what comes out of it. If you put in ten coins, and exactly ten coins comes out, then the machine is hot. If you put in two coins and get back two coins, it’s just as good as putting in one coin and getting back one coin. Slot machines don’t give out numbers or groupings of coins. If you put in three quarters and get four quarters, that is not a hot machine!


  1. When the bonus round hits:

Another way to tell if a slot machine is hot or not-hot is when the bonus round hits. A bonus round will happen randomly while you’re playing a slot machine. The bonus round will consist of three rounds of non-stop wins. If the slot machine hits its bonus after a very small number of coins, it’s almost guaranteed to be a good machine. However, if you don’t hit the bonus round or if the bonus round doesn’t happen until after you’ve lost a lot of money, then chances are that it’s not going to be such a hot machine.


  1. The pattern:

Back in the day when gambling casinos were simple and slots weren’t as advanced as they are today, this was one of the most reliable ways to tell if a slot machine was hot or not-hot. Take out some paper and draw four columns with five rows each in them. Label each column as “wild”, “scratch”, “hit”, and “miss”.


Now place 10 $1 coins in the machine, and draw out a line through the fourth column. If you get the wild symbol, it’s hot. This is because a wild symbol won’t be anywhere else but on that card. If you get the scratch symbol, it’s not-hot. This is because you’re guaranteed to get a replacement pay out on that card no matter what, whether you receive a hit or miss. Hit the 5 and you’ll get a hit symbol. If you get the first five cards out of the deck, it’s a hit. If you don’t receive any hits, it’s not-hot. This is because a hit symbol will only appear on that card in that slot reel. Miss the five and it’s not-hot because you’re guaranteed to receive a scratch off of that card no matter what. It won’t show up anywhere else in the cards.


  1. When the machine is turned off:

If the slot machine is turned off, it’s definitely not hot. The only time a slot machine is ever turned off is when it goes down for maintenance and technical work. A hot slot machine will never go down for maintenance no matter what. It’s not like a computer that needs to be rebooted every once in a while, or an ATM that gets fixed when it has a glitch. A slot machine that’s not gambling casinos in florida hot can malfunction at any given time, much like your computer, but will most likely not for several centuries! If your computer won’t turn on one day, you have to take it back to the store and get it fixed or get a new one. The same goes for your slot machine. If it doesn’t work, then the machine doesn’t work, and the hot is gone.


  1. When you can choose your own card:

This may seem like an odd thing to think of as a way to tell if a slot machine is hot or not-hot, but here’s why it’s true. Most slot machines today don’t have certain cards face down in reserve and decide when they want to use them. These are called “plastic” cards – all individual cards are plastic and can be removed from the base and rotated for your choice of deck in order to get different symbols on the screen. However, some machines still have cards that are not plastic. These are called “fixed” cards – all individual cards are fixed. They are already set in the machine and will never be rotated for you. Unless your machine is a modern-day fixed card type, then you should count this as one of the ten surefire methods to tell if a slot machine is hot or not-hot.


  1. Instant wins:

If you hit a hot machine and money comes pouring out of it and into your pockets, then you know that this machine is hot. If you hit this machine and it takes a long time to give you your winnings, then it’s not-hot.


  1. The three-reel bonus round:

If the slot machine has a bonus round that starts with three free spins and stops at a reel full of wins, then this is a hot machine. If it starts with two free spins and ends with the last reel full of wins, then this is not-hot. Remember that some slot machines don’t have three-reel bonuses at all! Some machines only have one or two reels that are set up in order to play their bonus rounds.



If you’re looking for a hot slot machine, then you should follow these ten surefire tips and find one as quickly as possible. The best machines aren’t always in the most obvious places in an establishment, but they are often hidden away in out of the way corners. Keep your eyes and ears open, and check your local gambling casinos in florida to see how many people are actually playing at the slot machine instead of just watching a flat screen TV. All of these details will help you find the perfect hot machine for you!

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