12 Eye Kajal you Must Check Before Considering Buying One 

 September 7, 2022

Kajal or kohl pencil is an essential component for eye makeup. Applying kajal means unquestionably drawing attention to the attractiveness of your eyes. Due to the fact that kajal is one of the most well-liked cosmetic products in India, it plays a significant role in the country’s beauty industry. Every brand is coming out with new kajal to compete with the current trend.

Here is a list of 12 kajal brands in India that you should consider before deciding to buy one:

1.     Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal-

Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal is a waterproof and smudge-proof kajal that transforms your basic look into a lively look for the day. This dermatologically tested kajal has long-staying power that can last for up to 20 hours. It outlasts all time constraints. It is perfect for traveling, meetings, or just going out for the day. This kajal will enrich the natural beauty of your eyes with very little additional effort on your part.


2.     Plum NaturStudio All-Day-Wear Kohl Kajal-

Plum has created a cruelty-free, vegan kajal that does not contain any preservatives and is smudge-proof to one hundred percent. It is loaded with vital ingredients such as vitamin E, Castor oil, rice bran wax, and vitamin E. You will be able to achieve a classy and seamless kajal stroke with the help of the combination of all-natural ingredients. In addition to all the other benefits, a free sharpener will be provided to you at no additional cost.


3.     Maybelline The Colossal Kajal-

The Maybelline Colossal Kajal is a super black kajal, with just one smooth stroke the work is done. This kajal is well-known for being smudge-proof and waterproof that can last up to 16 hours. Some of the beneficial properties of this kajal are that it contains pigments that absorb light, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E which help to keep the eyes hydrated.


4.     L’Oreal Paris Kajal Magique-

The L’Oreal Paris Kajal Magique contains nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E, cocoa butter, and olive oil esters in its formula. With one stroke a dark color can be attained. It glides on effortlessly and can be applied without difficulty. The product does not cause irritation to the eyes and can even be used by people who have sensitive eyes or who wear contact lenses without any adverse effects. Not only does this kajal nourish the waterline, but it also nourishes the eyelids.

5.     Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black-

Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black is a jet black kajal with a creamy texture. It is a travel-friendly product, easily available in the market at a reasonable price. Your eyes will appear more stunning and elegant thanks to their deep color. It only requires one or two strokes to develop the shade, but the effect it has on the eyes is strikingly dramatic. It can be safely applied on the upper as well as the lower lash line.


6.     M.A.C in Extreme Dimension 24 Hr Kajal Eyeliner-

M.A.C. In Extreme Dimension 24-Hour, Kajal Eye Liner is the ideal product for you to purchase if you are looking for a kajal that will give you a smoky appearance. It offers a powerful black pigment in just one stroke, along with a dazzling finish, and it lasts for a full 24 hours without smudging. Ingredients such as jojoba and sunflower seed oil, have been added in order to guarantee relaxed wear. This kajal is safe for lens wearers.




Faces Canada Fresh Eyes kajal is a newly launched product in the market which is available at a pocket-friendly price. This eye kajal guarantees for the extremely intense and big bold strokes to stay on for 24 hours. The natural Rose extract is used in this unique kajal to ensure that your eyes stay fresh throughout the day. It is well-known to calm and rejuvenate tired eyes. It is dermatologically and ophthalmologically proven to protect sensitive eyes.



8.     SUGAR Cosmetics Kohl Of Honour Intense Kajal-


With the SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal, you can take your kajal game to the next level. Its ultra-creamy and completely dark texture make it simple to draw dramatic and exact lines in a single stroke. This revolutionary formula is smudge-proof and won’t transfer to other surfaces. As a result, you won’t need to touch up your makeup as frequently because it lasts for 12 hours at a time.


9.     Colorbar MesmerEyes Kajal-

Colorbar MesmerEyes Kajal provides you with the highest level of care with the presence of hyaluronic acid, vitamins C, E, and B3, and sunflower oil. This kajal gives a beautiful velvety matte finish to your eyes. It has received approval from both ophthalmologists and dermatologists, and it can be used by people who wear contact lenses. It does not contain any mineral oil, preservatives, or paraffin.



10.  Mamaearth Charcoal Black Long Stay kohl Pencil-

Mamaearth Charcoal Black Long Stay kohl Pencil is the kind of kajal that makes use of nothing but natural ingredients but still greatly enhances the beauty of your eyes. Castor oil, Vitamin C, and chamomile are some of the active ingredients in this kohl pencil. Castor oil protects the eyes from infection, whereas chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties. It is certified by Made Safe certified as it is toxin-free. This kajal does not smudge, it is waterproof, and it lasts for a full 11 hours without reapplication.


11. Lotus Herbal Colorkick Kajal-

It’s a waterproof, long-wearing formula that’s packed with botanical extracts of almond oil for a rich, intense black color. It’s an excellent kajal for those who have normal to dry eyelids, and it’s reasonably priced. In addition to all, the product is known in the market for its claim that it will not smudge for a full twelve hours.

  1. Himalaya Pure Expression Kajal-

The black color of Himalaya Pure Expression Kajal is entirely derived from natural sources. Because it is formulated with plant-based components, your eyes won’t suffer any adverse effects from using it. This kajal does not include any colors made from synthetic ingredients. A calming and refreshing sensation is provided by the composition thanks to the presence of rose, Triphala, camphor, and almond oil.


Now that you have a detailed list of options, weigh your choices and take your pick today!


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