15 Best Facebook Tools for Marketing 

 May 2, 2022

Facebook tools make it easier for you to set up your Facebook Page and market it, grow a following, and measure your results. We analyzed dozens of options to find tools designed to save you time and help you reach your Facebook marketing goals at every step of the process.


All of the 15 tools on our list make your Facebook marketing easier and more effective. However, one great way to increase your Facebook marketing results is to let Socialwick take care of it. You can choose from it’s wide range of services and get great results instantly.

  1. Likealyzer

What It’s For: Facebook Page Setup

Price: Free


Likealyzer is a free Facebook marketing tool that analyzes your Facebook Page and tells you where you can make improvements. You can enter your Facebook Page URL and Likealyzer will generate a report in seconds with feedback. They’ll review how much information you’re providing on your Page, your activity levels, responsiveness, and engagement levels.


Try Likealyzer if you’ve created a presence on Facebook and want to know where you can improve. Their recommendations are clear and easy to implement. Once you make their suggested adjustments, you’ll have confidence that your Page is set up for success.


Likealyzer Analysis – facebook tools

Likealyzer Analysis


Buffer – facebook tools

  1. Buffer

What It’s For: Scheduling Facebook content

Price: Free or $15 per month for Pro version


Buffer is a social media management platform that makes it easy to schedule posts on Facebook and other social media channels, analyze performance, and save time by managing all your accounts in one place. Set your content schedule and create posts in advance to post automatically to your Facebook account. Buffer also works with social media channels including Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Buffer is great for businesses that want to carve out some time to schedule content in advance for your Facebook Page and any other active social media channels. They make it easy for you to review results and see which posts are generating the most engagement. Additionally, they have some great features like a Browser Extension to save content to share later and their Pablo Image Creator to create images for your Facebook Page.


Buffer – facebook tools

Buffer Scheduling Platform


Agorapulse – facebook tools

  1. Agorapulse

What It’s For: Scheduling Facebook content, communicating with followers, and creating contests

Price: Free features or monthly plan starting at $79 per month


Agorapulse is similar to Buffer in that you can schedule your Facebook posts in advance, monitor interactions, and respond to comments and messages from one place. Agorapulse has more features than Buffer, like capabilities to run engaging sweepstakes, photo contests, and quizzes, which are free features even if you don’t sign up for an Agorapulse monthly plan.


Agorapulse is right for you if you’re looking for a comprehensive, all-in-one tool where you can schedule your content, review results, respond to comments or messages, and run engaging contests. Even if you don’t use their scheduling platform, check out their free contests to manage sweepstakes, quizzes, or photo contests on your Facebook Page.


Agorapulse – facebook tools

Agorapulse Timeline Contests


Post Planner – facebook tools

  1. Post Planner

What It’s For: Finding, planning, and posting Facebook content

Price: $3 – $15 per month


Post Planner helps you find content to post to your Facebook Page. Their recommendation engine analyzes content to find top-performing content that is relevant to your audience. You can then schedule your content for specific times or to post on a recurring basis. Lastly, review results and see which posts are generating the most Likes, Comments, Shares, and Clicks.


Post Planner is a great fit for you if you have trouble finding content to post. They have content suggestions organized by industry so you can find articles that are relevant to your audience. Their drag-and-drop editor also makes filling up your Facebook posting calendar easy.


Post Planner – facebook tools

Post Planner Content Recommendations


Fiverr – facebook tools

  1. Fiverr

What It’s For: Outsourcing small, one-off tasks to a Facebook marketing expert

Price: Jobs start at $5 and vary by consultant


Fiverr is a platform that makes it easy to find and hire freelancers. Fiverr has over 200 freelancers available to assist you with your Facebook marketing efforts, from Page setup, content creation, and Facebook advertising support. Once you find a freelancer to work with, Fiverr has tools to help you manage your project from start to finish.


Fiverr is perfect for businesses that want an expert to help them with a quick, one-off task like creating a cover photo for their Facebook Page or helping with ad targeting. You can communicate with your freelancer, manage tasks, and submit payments directly through the Fiverr platform.


Fiverr – facebook tools

Fiverr Platform


Hibu – facebook tools

  1. Hibu

What It’s For: Outsourcing your Facebook advertising

Price: Starts at $250 per month


Hibu is a digital marketing agency with comprehensive Facebook advertising services. If you decide you want to hand off your Facebook advertising to the experts, Hibu is our pick for the top Facebook advertising agency because of their end-to-end setup, optimization, and reporting services, as well as their flexible pricing.


Hibu designs ads to reach your business goals like drive website traffic, generate leads or reach local consumers. If you want to work with a Facebook ad agency to create professional ads that are fully managed and optimized, Hibu is a great option.


Hibu – facebook tools

Hibu Performance Dashboard


Canva – facebook tools

  1. Canva

What It’s For: Creating optimized images for your Facebook Page

Price: Free or $12.95 per month for Canva for Work version


Canva is a free graphic design tool with a library of 50,000 templates and a drag-and-drop editor to customize your images, fonts, and colors. Canva has templates that are perfectly sized for Facebook profile photos, cover photos, event photos, and feed images.


Canva is a good fit for you if you have limited graphic design skills, and you want to create professional images for your Facebook Page and content. They make it easy to overlay text onto images and provide tons of tutorials if you want to learn some graphic design basics. Their free version has plenty of templates to choose from, but if you want more access to photos and illustrations, you can upgrade to their Canva for Work plan for $12.95 per month.


Andrew Schutt – facebook tools“I love Canva because it’s a powerful photo editing tool that strips away all of the extra effects and features that aren’t necessary for basic editing. As a result, Canva provides a smooth and simple interface that still packs in plenty of useful features, images, templates, and other effects without being overwhelming or confusing. It’s also free, which is great as well.”


— Andrew Schutt, CEO, Elevated Web Marketing


Canva – facebook tools

Canva’s Facebook Cover Templates


Animoto – facebook tools

  1. Animoto

What It’s For: Creating video for Facebook content and ads

Price: $8 per month / $22 per month for Pro version


Animoto is an easy-to-use video editing platform perfect for creating content or advertisements for your Facebook Page. They have customizable video templates for things like seasonal sales, how-to guides, and ads and promotions. You can add your own images and video clips to create your video, and then share your video to Facebook directly from the Animoto platform.


Animoto is great if you want to create engaging videos for your Facebook Page, but you don’t have any video editing experience. Their basic version has plenty of features for you to create a simple video. Upgrade to their professional version for access to higher quality videos and more pre-built storyboards, along with more style, music, font, and color options.


Animoto – facebook tools

Animoto’s Video Templates


ShortStack – facebook tools

  1. ShortStack

What It’s For: Building contests, giveaways, quizzes, and landing pages.

Price: Free, with more advanced monthly plans beginning at $29 per month


ShortStack is a platform to build contests, giveaways, and landing pages for your Facebook Page. ShortStack has more features than the Agorapulse contest platform, including over 65 professionally designed templates for contests, giveaways, and quizzes. They collect contact information for you and have an analytics dashboard to track new leads and contest entries. They also make it easy to embed your promotion on your website.


Try ShortStack if you want to boost your Facebook engagement with an interactive quiz, contest, or giveaway. Their templates and tracking make it easy to manage, and embedding your contest across channels will give you the opportunity to collect more new leads.


ShortStack – facebook tools

ShortStack’s Template Library


Facebook Audience Insights – facebook tools

  1. Facebook Audience Insights

What It’s For: Understanding your Facebook audience

Price: Free


Facebook Audience Insights is a tool within your Facebook account that provides information on your Facebook followers and potential followers. You can see demographic data, interests, and behavioral data. This data can guide decisions about what to post or how to optimize your Facebook advertising campaigns.


Use Facebook Audience Insights if you want to know more about the people who follow your business. Facebook Audience Insights is Facebook’s way of sharing some of the information they’ve collected from users. This information includes interests, behaviors, and demographics like relationship status, income, and location, making it especially useful if you have also integrated Facebook with your CRM.


Facebook Audience Insights – facebook tools

Facebook Audience Insights Dashboard


Socialbakers – facebook tools

  1. Socialbakers

What It’s For: Social media analytics and audience insights

Price: Free two-week trial, then starting at $20 per month


Socialbakers is a social media analytics company that uses data to create customer personas, perform competitor analysis, recommend Facebook content ideas and the best time to post, and find influencers in your industry. Socialbakers also has some free Facebook tools like the Facebook Performance Report, which is similar to Likealyzer, except that you compare your Facebook Page to your competitors’.


Socialbakers is a great fit for businesses looking for data to drive their Facebook strategy. Their data and analysis can help you at every stage of your Facebook marketing, from when you’re setting up your page to when you want to estimate budgets for Facebook advertising campaigns.


Socialbakers – facebook tools

Socialbakers Analytics Dashboard


Facebook Custom and Lookalike Audiences – facebook tools

  1. Facebook Custom and Lookalike Audiences

What It’s For: Targeting tools for your Facebook ad campaigns

Price: Free


Facebook Custom and Lookalike Audiences are targeting tools on Facebook to help you reach a relevant audience with Facebook ads. With Custom Audiences, you upload a list of people who have already expressed interest in your business, like your email list. With Lookalike Audience, Facebook creates a target audience based on the sharing traits of the people who have joined your email list, visited your website, or liked your Facebook Page.


If you want to try running an advertisement on Facebook, creating a Custom or Lookalike Audience is perfect for businesses that have an existing contact list. Custom and Lookalike Audiences work well if you want to drive repeat business or attract more customers that are similar to your existing customer base.


Facebook – facebook tools

Creating a Custom Audience on Facebook


Qwaya – facebook tools

  1. Qwaya

What It’s For: Optimizing for Facebooks ads

Price: Two-week free trial, then $149 per month


Qwaya provides tools to help you increase the impact of your Facebook ads. They make it easier to split test audience segments and ad design, so you can have side-by-side comparisons of results and optimize your Facebook ads more effectively. They also have scheduling and tracking tools, including a Google Analytics integration.


Qwaya is a good fit if you are managing all types of Facebook ads and want a platform that makes it easier to run tests and optimize your content. They offer some tools that you won’t find in the Facebook Power Editor for ad management. For example, their Ad Rotation tools cycle through content so your ads don’t feel stale.


Qwaya Dashboard – facebook tools

Qwaya Dashboard


Shopify – facebook tools

  1. Shopify

What It’s For: Selling products on Facebook

Price: Facebook integration is free with a Shopify account, starting at $29 per month


If you’re an ecommerce business selling on Shopify, don’t forget to integrate your Shopify store with Facebook. This integration allows your Facebook fans to browse products and make a purchase without leaving Facebook.


Once set up, the Shopify integration displays your products on your Facebook Page within the Shop section for mobile and desktop users. Adding Shopify to your Facebook Page is a great fit if your business is looking to increase online sales.


Shopify – facebook tools

Integration Example via Shopify


Facebook Blueprint – facebook tools

  1. Facebook Blueprint

What It’s For: Learning about Facebook through online courses

Price: Free


Facebook Blueprint was built to help you master Facebook through eLearning courses. All the courses are free and self-paced, and they cover a wide variety of topics from getting started on Facebook to building awareness, generating leads, managing ads, and measuring performance. You just need a Facebook account to get access to their full course library.


In addition to online courses, Facebook Blueprint also has certification programs where you can become a certified Facebook advertiser in your area of expertise. Facebook Blueprint is a great resource for users who want to manage their own Facebook channel and want to learn all the best practices.


Facebook Blueprint – facebook tools

Facebook Blueprint Dashboard


How We Evaluated the Best Facebook Tools

Facebook marketing tools are services you can use to make it faster and easier to manage your Facebook marketing efforts. We’ve created a comprehensive list of tools to help you at every stage of your Facebook marketing, from Page setup to content creation, page management, advertising, and measurement. We also looked at factors including cost, features, and ease of use.


We researched dozens of Facebook tools and determined the top ones by using the following criteria:


Cost – Some tools on our list are free or have free features. All others are low-cost to fit small to medium-sized budgets.

Features – We analyzed a wide range of tools to find solutions for every stage of your Facebook marketing.

Ease of use – Every tool on our list is easy to use with quick setup. Many are designed to save you time.

Business impact – The tools we chose should have a positive impact on your business, freeing up time in your busy schedule or helping you get better results.

Based on our research, we recommend businesses start with signing up for a social media management tool, like Buffer or Agorapulse, to save time with posting content. To boost your engagement, consider creating eye-catching images with Canva or engaging videos with Animoto. Once you’re ready to monetize your Facebook channel, you can look into outsourcing your Facebook advertising to Hibu to drive awareness and sales.


Bottom Line: Facebook Tools

Facebook tools are designed to make it easier to set up, manage, and grow your presence on Facebook. The tools on this list cover many different areas of your Facebook marketing, so you have time-saving help at every step of the way.


Luckily, if you don’t have the time to manage everything yourself, you can find a freelancer on Fiverr to help you out. Fiverr has hundreds of social media consultants to help you with quick, one-off projects like image creation, page setup, or ad campaign creation starting at $5.

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