3 Pieces of Jewelry That Are Fashion Classics 

 August 18, 2022

Fashion trends come and go and then come again. But certain basics are always with us. These are the pieces most people would have in their wardrobe and wear often, no matter what other color or style is trendy at the moment. Say, a little black dress or a classic white t-shirt.


Much like these pieces of clothing, jewelry has its own classics that most of us always wear. Maybe their design will be influenced by something current like colors or textures, but the concept is always the same.


Considering how much is necessary to pay for these sometimes, it’s pretty important to know your classics so that you can justify your investment. Or, if it’s a gift you’re buying, choosing a classic piece will mean the gift receiver will often wear it and equally often think of you.


Without further ado, let’s see what pieces are timeless when it comes to jewelry and similar accessories.


A (Pearl) Necklace

A pearl necklace has been passing the test of time for centuries. No matter what was going on with our clothes or shoes, this piece stayed with us. Often as a family heirloom. So, it deserves the first place on our list, as we highly recommend you own one.


If you think it’s too expensive, go for sweet water pearls that are cheaper. If this is still too much of an investment for you, or you need a try-out period, you can go for the synthetic version. The same suggestion should work for you if you are vegan or vegetarian.


And, for those who think they are too classic for their style or have any other reason to want to avoid them, we suggest opting for a necklace that has pearls and other accessories, for example, additional pendant(s).


Still not convinced? If pearls are a no-go for you, the necklace itself is still a classic accessory. What you need to do is to find the perfect one for you. Try a necklace with your name, like the iconic one from The Sex and the City. Or just a simple long chain with a pendant shaped as something you like. Or a pearl instead of a pendant, just one.


A Rolex Watch

Nothing can beat the class and style of a Rolex watch. Not even your beautiful iPhone case and the fact the smartphone inside is also telling time. Wrist watches are generally a great and useful accessory, but having a Rolex means having a statement piece with class.


If you are thinking again that we are suggesting a pricey piece, remember what we said in the beginning: the beauty of jewelry pieces is that they are old-time classics and that they are an investment that pays off.


Additionally, you can always go for a pre-used Rolex. Just make sure you go to a reliable dealer. They should be able to explain cheaper options and why some vintage pieces can be more expensive than the new ones.


Earrings or Studs

This is probably the most adaptable suggestion on our list. We say this because earrings and studs come in many shapes and forms and you can easily choose what works with your style. This piece of jewelry has been with us for centuries, which is another thing that shows how classic they are.


While it’s up to you to adapt them to your style, we strongly advise that you own one statement piece, with diamonds if possible. They can be simple or chandelier, as long as they are elegant and will work for any special occasion.


To conclude

If you care about fashion the three jewelry accessories that must be in your possession are a (pearl) necklace, a Rolex watch, and some preferably diamond earrings or studs. Don’t forget these might even be inherited by the younger members of the family, so you shouldn’t be afraid to spend.




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