5 Smart and Unique Ways to Brand your Business 

 September 20, 2022

As per an estimate by Digital Marketing experts, people are exposed to nearly 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day. With this number of ads and marketing material around, peoples’ brains have become smarter at ignoring them. And marketing companies are constantly innovating new ways to get in front of their potential customers.


Businesses pour a large portion of their profits into advertising and promotion to sustain themselves in the market. But, there are certain ways to increase your revenue and create a good impression in front of your customers without spending a fortune.


Advertising only works when you are visible in front of people, but branding imprints a permanent image in your customers’ heads.


Through branding, you decide how your target audience should look at your business and how they can benefit most from your product or service.


Saying all that, here are the 5 smart and unique ways to brand your business.


1.Create a great logo.

What’s common in the logos of Google, Nike, and Louis Vuitton?

They are simple and easily recognized by most people.

Your brand visual is critical to represent your image to the public. Hire an expert to design a logo for your business that is minimalistic, fun, and memorable.


Once you are ready with your logo, make it omnipresent. It should be on your website, social media, business card, t-shirt, back of your smartphone, and everywhere people can see it. Do not be afraid to make your business identity visible.


2. Get on social media.

As a business, you already know who your target audience is. Now is the time to interact with them directly. Look for a social media platform where they spend the most time. It is definite these days that your potential customer is present on social media. Your job is to find — which one?


It could be Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or even LinkedIn.


Social media is a place not only for people to interact with each other but also for businesses to interact with their customers and create meaningful relationships with them.


Use social media to make your presence in the market. Create valuable posts that solve your customer’s query or talk about your product. Ads on social media work but are temporary. The content you publish on your channel will be there for weeks, months, and years.


3.Use virtual business cards.

A business card is an effective way to spread the word about your business. However, carrying a pack of physical business cards in your pocket is now old school. So, with everything going smart, why not business cards?


Virtual business cards are the answer — Helpful in sharing contact information, as well as representing your business as a brand. A virtual business card includes your brand name, logo, phone number, email, business address, website domain, etc.


People don’t need to search for the card when they need to contact you. Instead, they type your name on their smartphone, and your business card shows up. Now they can contact you via any method mentioned above.


4.Take advantage of email marketing.

Do not ignore the power of a good email marketing campaign. A study shows that ROI is $36 for every $1 spent on email marketing campaigns.


Many apps came into the market and vanished, but email remains the most preferred formal communication method. You can harness the power of this underrated channel to boost your business revenue and build a brand.


With email marketing campaigns, you have a chance to deliver your message directly into people’s inboxes every week. Provide them with valuable resources, share knowledge and offer your products.


5.Create video content

Infographics and videos are the two visually appealing ways to provide information to people. The conventional way of passing information over the internet is through written articles. Still, most people these days (around 54%) prefer to get their information in video form due to cheap internet and easy accessibility.


As we all know, YouTube is the biggest video search platform on the planet. Therefore, you should use it for your good. Creating video content using this medium could be a great asset for your business. This will help you showcase your business as the center of visual information and represent you as an authority in your industry. Which eventually helps in the branding of the business.



Branding is crucial to rise from the red sea of competition. So along with practicing economic marketing techniques such as content creation, and social media marketing, businesses should always look for smart and unique ways to make their brand stand out from the crowd.


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