5 Tips To Make Meetings Fun  

 February 14, 2023

We have all sat through meetings that we knew could have been an email. While meeting in person or virtually is critical to help our employees be able to pick each other’s brains, such meetings can turn into time-consuming activities that drain everyone’s energy. If we want our employees to want to come to meetings, we will need to start with some creative ice-breaker ideas. We will also need to think about other ways we can have meetings and consider what kind of after-work activities might work best for our employees. If we can create meetings that everyone is excited to attend and that feel productive, we will find that our employees are better able to help our organization thrive.


Great Ice Breakers 


A great idea to start our next meeting is to have team members do a show and tell where they take turns presenting something significant to them. On the other hand, a caption contest is a fun way to learn more about our coworkers, and “would you rather?” is a popular game for learning about our employees’ favorite cuisine, travel location, or interests. We might choose to use multiple choice ice breaker questions especially if diverse teams from around our organization are meeting up together. A joke of the day can also be a fun way to start the day. Scavenger hunts are also a terrific way to get employees away from their desks. While icebreakers may seem silly, they can really help our employees get to know each other better. This will enable them to be more willing to go above and beyond to help each other.


Lunch and Learns 


It is important for us all to have educational programs that are both useful and enjoyable, and lunch and learn programs are one of them. Instead of having lunch alone at their workstations, we can gather our employees for an in-person or virtual session where they may learn as they eat. It would be a great way to introduce our employees to new software or explain a brand relaunch. We might also use it to discuss relevant themes such as wellness, diversity, or creativity. A “lunch and learn” session is the ideal balance of productivity and fun.


Virtual Coffee Dates 


Sometimes all we need is a casual setting to talk, get to know each other, and come up with our most innovative ideas yet. We can gather our remote team for a virtual coffee date with the purpose of relaxing, catching up, and taking a well-deserved break. With such hectic schedules, a scheduled break like this might be a terrific way to keep our employees motivated, rejuvenated, and productive. We should make our virtual coffee date a regular occurrence on our business calendar, so that employees establish a joyful habit around it.


Brainstorming Sessions or Hackathons 


One way we can make a typical meeting more fun is to turn it into a brainstorming session or hackathon. We can bring everyone together to solve a challenge or come up with solutions to a business problem. These sessions combine fruitful discussion with a team-building exercise. It provides an opportunity for people to practice skills such as leadership, creativity, and cooperation while having fun. We could do a hackathon in a conference room or with our remote team through Zoom.


After Hours Fun 


When the workweek is done, it’s time to rest and unwind. We can invite our team to a virtual happy hour to celebrate their accomplishments and look forward to a brighter future. This type of fun often includes a virtual team building activity disguised as a party. People may get to know each other in a less formal atmosphere, away from the stresses of their to-do list.


If we want a more active after-hours event, we might choose an escape room. We can allow our team members to enter a virtual escape room and time how long it takes them to escape. There are plenty of excellent virtual escape rooms available that we may hire for our employees. If we have a large group, we can divide it into smaller groups. This will enable us to create some competition to see which group can utilize their interest and talent to escape earliest.

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