7 Reasons  Why You Should Advertise On Linkedin 

 February 25, 2022

In the world of social media ads, LinkedIn is a great place that many businesses have yet to explore. LinkedIn ad is a sales tool that gives access to the LinkedIn social chain through paid posts and other means. So, many companies use audio and video sales on LinkedIn to grow their business. To use one of the best video makers’ online tools, check this site.

Sales on LinkedIn gives many gains to companies. These profits are not just for added credit but the chance to boost sales. In addition, being part of a company’s social media  is another gain. These are reasons to use LinkedIn to grow your company.

Unique Audience

The audience on LinkedIn is not the same as other sites. For instance, as stated by Hootsuite.com, LinkedIn users are more learned and work lovers than other social media sites. LinkedIn’s features are made in tune with the site’s folks. Similarly, the video maker online tools are made with the LinkedIn folks in mind.

This makes LinkedIn the best place to grow your brand as it gives more chances for business growth. In addition, the site gives your ads to people with a like mind. The average LinkedIn user is between the ages of 35 and 50, with a salary over $75,000 per year. You attract top clients by marketing your business in a space filled with business lovers.

So, you get to speak with the best talent on the market that could help improve your brand. Taking ideas from talents like, logo creators, video makers online, and PR experts.

Targeted Advertising

The filter feature is another plus on LinkedIn. Likely, your business ad is not for everyone. LinkedIn knows this and helps you push your sales into the proper paths through segmenting.

Your clients are likely on LinkedIn and the site helps you find them through their first party data.

Different from other social media sites, LinkedIn has business in its core as it gives you detailed data to filter from. This allows marketers to target their folks through data such as:

  • Company name
  • Degree
  • Seniority
  • Member Skill
  • Job Title
  • Member Group

Lead generation

Lead generation is a vital part of the business and B2B’s rely on leads for success. LinkedIn is one of the best online sites for creating leads for your business. This stems from how marketing on LinkedIn provides a solution for getting quality leads and sales. Due to the sales conversion success from LinkedIn video marketing, brands are using video maker online tools better than ever.

LinkedIn has also made a new way of converting leads into customers through lead generation forms. Lead generation forms help you collect details such as emails, contacts, and addresses easily. This saves possible customers the stress of going to your site to fill in the info themselves. You can attach lead gen forms to your marketing ads and collect customer info at the click of a button.


When it comes to flexibility on LinkedIn, the first thing that should come to mind is a campaign strategy. When starting an ad campaign, you may be thinking about the kinds of ads that bring the most attention.

Linkedin’s Ad gives you a lot of advertising options that help you reduce your scope. This is good for new business because it helps to find the best audience and marketing strategy for business.

Performance review


Performance review is about gauging the results of your marketing and ad campaigns. It is another area where Linkedin stands out compared to other sites. Despite your current marketing state, there is always room for growth.

LinkedIn helps business owners with growth. In addition, LinkedIn provides business marketers with many tools to track the state of their ad campaigns. Moreover, while other websites may show you engagement figures, LinkedIn takes it further.

They show you who engages with your content and how your campaign compares to rivals. They also give helpful tips on advertising. Tips like how using a video maker online to make video ads can increase engagement.

This helps you better your campaign using data and helps improve performance.

User Friendly

Starting marketing campaigns on most social media sites is easy and takes simple steps. However, Linkedin provides balance between simple and effective by letting you build complex ad campaigns in simple ways. You can use Animoto, a top video maker online to easily create quality LinkedIn videos.

Through its friendly tools, the site makes sure users can launch and monitor their marketing. Asides marketing aid, the site helps to stay on top of their business.

Tested and Trusted

Linkedin is not as formal for sellers as other social media sites. Still it boasts a lot of success stories. From HubSpot data, ads on LinkedIn convert users to leads at a 6.1% rate. In comparison, Google Ad converts at a 2.1% rate. Wyzowl’s 2020 report stated that by video maker online metrics, LinkedIn was found as the channel with the most effect.

While other sites still create leads, LinkedIn campaigns do better in lead generation, with a B2B business. On Linkedin, you can engage with good business leads like investors and rivals. Such deep engagement may not be seen on other sites.

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