7 Surprising Facts about John Beard’s Net Worth 

 March 30, 2023


John Beard is a famous journalist, news anchor and TV personality known for his anchoring skills. He is one of the most respected figures in the broadcasting industry, having served as a news presenter on several major television networks. In addition to his successful career, he is also renowned for his net worth. However, there are several facts about John Beard’s net worth that come as a surprise to many people. In this blog post, we will explore seven surprising facts about John Beard’s net worth in a storytelling approach.

Section 1 – The Early Days

John Beard was born and raised in an influential family and had access to the best education. He attended Northwestern University and graduated in Broadcast Journalism and then moved to Miami, where he started his career. His first job was as a radio reporter, and he later moved onto bigger positions working for various news channels. His net worth was negligible during his early days, being in the range of $50,000 to $100,000.

Section 2 – A Big Break

In 1986, John Beard got his big break when he was hired by KTLA, a TV station in Los Angeles. His career took off, and he ultimately became the highest-paid news anchor of the time. He worked for the station for over a decade and received numerous accolades for his work. During this time, his net worth surged, and he was making over a million dollars a year.

Section 3 – A Setback and A Comeback

Unfortunately, after working at KTLA for 17 years, John Beard’s contract was not renewed. At this time, he took a break and reassessed his career options. He later accepted a job at WPEC in West Palm Beach as their main anchor. His salary was significantly lower than before, but he was happy to be back in the industry. During this time, John accumulated some substantial debts and had to sell his house to settle some of his financial obligations.

Section 4 – A Return to Los Angeles

After spending only two years in Florida, John was offered a job back in Los Angeles. This time, he was paid handsomely, and his net worth was back on the rise. He worked for several channels throughout his career, and his salary at each one was in the range of $700,000 to $1 million.

Section 5 – An Entrepreneur at Heart

In addition to his broadcasting career, John Beard pursued several business ventures. He was a part-owner of a restaurant, a hotel, a limousine service and a private jet rental company, among others. These ventures were successful, and he made a considerable amount of money from them.

Section 6 – The Price of Divorce

In 2010, John Beard went through a divorce, and it ended up being very expensive. He had to give up a significant portion of his wealth, including his house and car. This led to a decrease in his net worth, and he had to start anew.

Section 7 – Retirement and Current Net Worth

After a long and prosperous career, John Beard retired from broadcasting in 2018. His current net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, which he accumulated from decades of work in the industry, as well as his business ventures.


Q1) How did John’s net worth change after leaving his job at KTLA?

A1) John Beard’s net worth decreased significantly after leaving KTLA due to a lower-paying job he accepted at WPEC in West Palm Beach.

Q2) What were some of John’s successful business ventures?

A2) John Beard was a part-owner of a restaurant, a hotel, a limousine service, and a private jet rental company.

Q3) Did John Beard ever encounter any significant financial setbacks in his career?

A3) Yes, John Beard went through a divorce in 2010, which ended up being very expensive and led to a decrease in his net worth.

Q4) How much was John Beard making during his time at KTLA?

A4) John Beard was the highest-paid news anchor at KTLA, and at the peak of his career, he was making over a million dollars a year.

Q5) What is John Beard’s current estimated net worth?

A5) John Beard’s current estimated net worth is approximately $5 million.

Q6) What did John Beard study in college?

A6) John Beard graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Q7) Was John Beard ever offered a job back in Los Angeles after leaving KTLA?

A7) Yes, John Beard was offered a job back in Los Angeles after spending two years in Florida, which led to a significant increase in his salary and net worth.


In conclusion, John Beard’s net worth may surprise many people due to the ups and downs he experienced throughout his career. He started from humble beginnings, rose to the top, endured some setbacks, and ultimately retired with a comfortable net worth of $5 million. John was not only a successful news anchor and TV personality but also a savvy entrepreneur. His career is a testament to the fact that perseverance, hard work, and smart investments can lead to financial success.

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