8 Types of Apps you can Build Using Node.js 

 August 16, 2022

 If you take your smartphone and open an app, chances are it’s built using Node.js code or framework. Most of our favorite mobile apps work correctly, thanks to Node.js experts

You probably already know this, but Node.js is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment used to build advanced network apps. It can help you develop different types of apps, including micro social media platforms, streaming services, real-time chats, etc.

The main advantage of using Node.js is that it’s a fast and efficient environment, based on reliable technology, with many libraries and features that developers use. Being aware of these quality features can help you become a great developer, and join some talents program, such as Adeva, to become even better at what you do.

And the best thing is that you can learn how to build exceptional apps with the help of the vast online community. If you check on the job openings, you will find a wide choice of IT companies open to hire dedicated node js developer in their teams.

That will give you a chance to work on projects and build functional apps, including:

1. Social Media App

It seems like a huge challenge to build a social media app, but Node.js makes things much more straightforward. No matter if your goal is to create a new Facebook or just a platform to socialize with your friends, you can grab your chance to create a scalable and functional social networking app.

You can add features like content contribution, subscribing to newsletters, or media distribution.

Node.js makes all these things possible if you know how to use it properly.

2. Real-Time Chats

Node.js can satisfy the need for high-performance real-time chat apps to improve the direct communication between the users.

The I/O model allows you to create highly-functional chat apps without slowing down the primary app performance.

It’s a great way to implement the concept of instant messaging while allowing users to share text and media messages. Node.js is known as one of the best developing environments to build chat apps, and it’s often integrated with the social media platforms we already mentioned.

3. Online Payment Apps

Online money processing is needed more than ever. Even though some payment processors are already available, you can always come up with something better or more functional.

Do you know that even PayPal is based on Node.js? And many other similar money transfer services use Node.js since it allows flexibility and efficiency at the same time.

So, you get the idea. Analyze the current offer, and see what’s missing. We have perfect apps, but there is always an option for something better. You may even help your freelance node js developer friend to receive money easily as they complete the projects.

4. Simple or Advanced Collaboration Platforms

Collaboration platforms are always needed, but with the higher number of remote workers, they are a must for every company. Node.js can help you build an internal service for your coworkers. You can integrate it with social media and real-time chat features to enhance the functionality.

You can even add a push notifications bar to make sure everything works all the time smoothly.

We already have many online collaboration solutions available, but maybe you have some better ideas to improve them. At least, you can practice, just in case you work on a more significant project soon.

5. SPAs

Single-page apps are web solutions used to navigate through the features while representing new data. Emails are a great example of SPA, and you indeed have an exceptional user experience, navigating easily between different pages.

Node.js can be the best solution to let you create a single-page app. You will get a shorter loading time, an enjoyable experience, and fast data processing. That’s exactly what we need from the modern web app solutions, and we can have it all with Node.js.

6. Streaming Services

We know we already have quite a few of them, but remember, you can’t become a great Node.js developer if you don’t practice different approaches. So, the next step is to try to create a video streaming app.

Use the concept of on-demand content distribution to test different features. The Stream API feature will let you include different functionalities, so you can control the streaming process.

As a matter of fact, Netflix is one of the streaming apps built on a Node.js foundation.

7. Different Types of E-Platforms

You can focus on e-learning or e-commerce and build a platform using Node.js. As a development environment, Node.js can handle a lot of traffic without causing any lags. And that’s the feature almost all e-platforms need.

For example, e-learning platforms should accept a large number of candidates who will join some course or lecture. And when we talk about e-commerce, the app must be able to process plenty of sales at once, including payments.

8. IoT Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) is a well-known concept in the tech world. It features smart homes, healthcare, sales, autonomous cars, smart cities, smartphones, watches, cloud solutions, and so on.

We must say that IoT solutions are an advanced step in Node.js development. We also think you will be able to build some smart apps after you develop some learning environments or communication platforms.

Node.js ensures every process will go nice and smooth without causing lags and delays or messing with the app functionality.

Final Thoughts

Many popular apps use Node.js elements, including PayPal, Netflix, LinkedIn, Uber, etc. Node.js ensures the development process is tidy and neat, no matter how many features you need to incorporate in your project.

We gave you eight ideas for apps you can build, but we are sure you can do a lot more than that. Or maybe you can combine different services into one highly-functional app. Remember that Node.js is excellent for I/O and data-driven apps, but you need a more advanced approach when it comes to applications that use too many CPU resources.

Anyway, Node.js is still widely used, especially regarding multi-threaded app solutions.

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