8 Video Poker Tips to Avoid Making Huge Mistakes 

 June 20, 2022

Video poker can be one of the most fun ways to play poker, but it can also result in big losses if you aren’t paying attention or making smart decisions. To avoid this fate in situs judi slot online terpercaya di Indonesia, pay close attention to these eight video poker tips and techniques that will help you earn more money over time and keep your losses to a minimum for rtp slot gacor hari ini.

1) Be aware of your bankroll

Video poker players make mistakes when they play too many hands. Don’t make that mistake—if you can’t afford to lose it, don’t gamble it. And, if you don’t know how much your bankroll is, you might be playing with more money than you should be.

A good rule of thumb is that every time you sit down at a machine, make sure there is enough money in your bankroll for 100 hands of video poker (also known as a betting unit).

If not, leave. It can also help to pick games with fewer possible hand combinations. Games like Jacks or Better have far fewer ways a round of cards can play out compared to Deuces Wild and Joker Wild games.

2) Stay away from the initial free credit

This might seem counterintuitive, but one of the biggest mistakes beginners make with video poker is going for too much, too soon. Many people are under the impression that you have a chance at winning more when playing with free credits.

In reality, you don’t win any more playing on free credits than when you play for real money. If anything, it’s easier to lose your initial stake using free credits rather than actual money!

3) Set a budget

Before you start, it’s important to set a budget and stick with it. If you have five dollars in your bank account, don’t plan on playing $100-dollar hands at a poker table. Set a max of how much you can afford to lose before calling it quits for the night or heading home early.

It’s not just about holding onto your money; knowing when you should stop gambling is important too! This will help prevent you from getting carried away and making bigger mistakes like blowing more than half of your budget in one sitting or worse yet, losing so much that you ruin other plans or obligations later in life because of it. Play smartly!

4) Know how much money you are playing with

Before you start playing any video poker game, you must know how much money you are playing with. You don’t want to play with more money than what is in your bankroll because otherwise, you risk going broke quickly if there is a run of bad luck.

You must keep track of what amount of money is in your bankroll and try not to stray from it during play. Once your bankroll runs out, quit for the day. Get up, walk away and come back another time when you have replenished your bankroll. Knowing how much money is at stake will help prevent players from being reckless or tilting when they are in a game that doesn’t go their way.

5) Stick to 10% bets

Many online video poker games allow you to wager a percentage of your initial bet, as well as allow you to bet progressively more each time. When you’re playing multiple hands at once, these options are very convenient. However, they also raise your stakes considerably on a given hand and increase both your odds of winning and losing.

To avoid blowing through your bankroll in no time flat, stick with betting between 10-20% of your total bet amount per hand. If it doesn’t hit on its first draw (which happens in about 50% of cases), stick with what you’ve got or take just one or two more before deciding whether or not to add more money.

6) Keep records

One of the best ways to learn how to play video poker is by keeping records. Every time you play, you should jot down what hand and which strategy you used, how much money was bet on each hand, and how much it cost. This way, when you go back and review your play history, you will be able to tell exactly where your weaknesses lie.

Keep in mind that your video poker account is a mathematical model of what a winning player looks like (i.e. if one strategy uses ten units of money per win on average over thousands of hands). If that model doesn’t match up with yours (or if your model doesn’t match up with itself), then something needs fixing!

7) Play at lower stakes until you understand the game better

While most video poker machines are designed for pennies, quarters, and dollars, a few games offer options for higher-denomination payouts. The first time you play, opt for less than $1 per hand.

This way, you can get comfortable with a new machine without risking too much money on your first game. Once you’re ready to make more substantial bets switch to games that accept five or 10 coins instead of one. It’s not uncommon for even regular players to play at different stakes when they’re out at casinos or just have a night off from their usual home machines.

8) Practice before hitting higher payouts

Those machines don’t hold a lot of money, so you can’t afford any big mistakes—like splitting tens (only do that if you have at least four cards) or hitting a pair of Jacks or better when you should be holding for a straight.

Play for low stakes until you’re completely comfortable with your game and then slowly move up. Before long, you’ll find yourself playing higher-limit machines. When it comes to video poker, slow and steady is a winning strategy!


Video poker has gotten a lot of flack from traditional poker players, especially those who play in brick-and-mortar casinos, who claim it’s nowhere near as skillful as live poker and that the best thing about it is the luck of the draw (or, if you’re on the other side of the table, the bad luck of the draw). However, video poker can be quite fun and profitable if you know what you’re doing-especially since you can play from home whenever you like.

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