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 January 17, 2022

Security is playing a very important role in the successful development of the internet. It is only with the help of security that the transactions on the internet are being conducted properly. It is only because of security that there is a change in the mindset of people, and now they are becoming very adaptive towards sharing their data on various kinds of applications available on the internet.


Threat of Data Breaches

However, it is very important to keep in mind that there has been a complete change in the ideology of people over the period. If Technology has been able to offer a good solution, then at the same time, Technology has been able to develop a new problem for the internet itself. This problem is the problem of a data breach through different types of bugs and software that can operate on the internet without the express consent of the network provider.


They can affect the performance capability in the long run. This problem is considered to be very common in Android users. It can expose the android to an extreme level of an ability that cannot be cured otherwise.


What is Strandhogg?

It is considered a kind of virus that can expose the entire operating system of a mobile for a laptop to a huge amount of data through it. It reduces the device’s efficiency to operate by affecting its operating system and by deleting the essential data with the help of which it was able to operate. It has many types of impact on the entire working of the device, which has been given in the following way.


Versions of android get affected.

One of the most important outcomes of getting infected with the help of this particular kind of virus is that every version of android gets affected in the worst possible way. It is important to consider that no doubt, even if you update your android regularly, then in such a situation also the Android version would be affected. It is important to mention that this is the worst kind of threat that can ever be sustained by any device.


The popularity of applications is at risk.

Another major kind of disadvantage which is associated with this Strandhogg type of application is that every software application that has been installed on android get at risk. It has the potential to see the data of these applications and accordingly misuse that. It reaches every data privacy protocol by keeping the information without the owner’s consent and without asking for consent. This kind of data theft is actually without the knowledge of the data owner.


Vulnerability exposed

The most important disadvantage of this type of virus is that it exposes the given device and exposes every other device to vulnerability with which the infected devices are connected. It is important to mention that at least 36 applications can expose this kind of risk to the existing type of extensions. That is why this is considered the most vulnerable security threat that devices can ever face in the world of the internet.


What are the implications?

There are different kinds of implications associated with this particular kind of risk. In the first place, it is very important to consider that there are many disadvantages that hackers can misuse to their advantage. The list of the same has been given in the following way.


Hackers can see your credentials.

Every mobile application and even every laptop can have huge exposure to the number of applications downloaded. It is important to mention that banking applications and other types of private applications are also installed in these applications.


These applications contain a lot of confidential data in the form of passwords and account information which is only known to the user and the data owner. But in such a situation, when the hackers take control of the device, this can be misused, and all the data which was only private becomes public. This is one of the biggest disadvantages that is associated with this.


They can even disconnect the connected devices.

The type of control the hackers can obtain on these devices is so great that we would also disconnect every possible device connected to your device. In the first place, they will disallow every kind of microphone to connect to your device. Next, they will uninstall the installed printers and projectors, including two Bluetooth speakers.


They would not be able to transfer data from one place to another because that would be expressly restricted by the new data owner, who is none other than but the hacker. Finally, they can play with your device without you realising that your device has been hacked. This is considered very dangerous for the long-term functioning of every device.


Getting access to location

Another important kind of disadvantage that is likely to follow after this hacking is that the hackers can even gain control over your location and your GPS protocol link. In such a situation, the hackers would now be even to converge with your location and misuse the same to threaten you.


Therefore, it is considered a very negative impact of Technology because even your location will no longer be private. It is considered to play a huge amount of difference ultimately, and therefore, it is essential to take note of all these factors before doing anything else.



It can be concluded ultimately that this is a very serious situation of data theft that has to be taken into consideration with the most amount of security protocols. It is essential to consider that without security, these types of threats will take place and affect every person’s data that he has stored on their device.


That is why it has to be ultimately sent that compliance with all the kinds of data protocols, and security protocols are important in the long run for protecting the device from every possible kind of damage with the help of Appsealing.

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