Benefits of using technology in the maths classes  

 March 4, 2022

Maths is an important academic subject that students learn from elementary classes to their higher learning. But from students of all ages, we often hear that they find maths difficult to understand. The applicative and geometrical portions make students find mathematics as a complex subject. Because of this, maths teachers have to face challenges too to provide students with an effective maths understanding.


With the help of technology, our education system and teaching methods have improved to a great extent. And to provide students with more effective maths knowledge and understanding, technology helps teachers in many ways. Let us discuss the benefits to teachers of using technology in maths classes.

Difficulties teachers face in their maths classes 

  • Lack of interest

Because of more applications and less theory content, many students find maths difficult, develop maths fear, and tend to avoid learning maths. This makes them less interested in maths learning. Dealing with a class with low subject interest becomes difficult for teachers.


  • Understanding issues

Making students understand maths concepts from textbooks, the properties like the angle sum property of a  triangle, and more such geometrical topics become difficult for the teachers.

  • Low engagement


With maths fear and lack of interest, students’ participation in the maths classes is reduced. With low student engagement in the class, they understand less and effective teaching, learning cannot be carried this way.

Benefits of using technology in maths classes

  1. To make students understand better


Making students understand the maths applications and concepts only from textbooks becomes a challenge for teachers. As textbook material is not very engaging for students. But this problem is solved by teaching with the help of technology.


By using audio-visual aids in maths classes, teachers can provide a clear understanding of maths concepts to the students. With the help of visualization, students tend to grab the concepts better and quicker. This helps to enhance the mathematical skills and accuracy of the students.

  1. Enhance student engagement in the classroom


We all know how much today’s kids enjoy technology. When teachers introduce technology in the maths classes, their understanding of the subject is improved. With a proper understanding, students tend to relate to the topics better. This makes them feel interested in the classroom. With understandable content, students’ participation and engagement in the classes increase.

  1. Provide students with a personalized learning experience 


In a classroom, all students have a different pace of grasping the concepts. Sometimes teachers teach at a fast pace and solve the maths questions very quickly and students are not able to understand and note down everything at the same speed. This affects students’ classroom learning. With a lack of understanding and notes in the class, the self-studies of students are also affected.

But when teachers teach with the help of technology, this problem is resolved. The technical tools you are using to teach can be sent or forwarded to students on their email addresses. They can access these tools to learn and understand at their own pace. Pausing, re-watching, downloading, and other such features provide students with a personalized maths learning experience.


  1. More assessment options

Often students run away from maths because they find solving and doing complex calculations hectic and difficult. Always having lengthy written maths tests is not very engaging for students. Also checking bundles of lengthy answer sheets manually becomes quite time-consuming and hectic for teachers too. But with the help of technology, the assessment options have become much better. Teachers can create online quizzes, riddles puzzles, and also multiple choice question worksheets to assess students.

  1. More teaching tools


Following the conventional methods to teach, the teaching resources are quite limited to textbooks and guides only. But with technology, teaching tools are increased to a great extent. Now teachers can access several tools such as educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, quizzes, tricky maths puzzles with answers, PowerPoint presentations, and more. These audiovisual tools help teachers to teach effectively and make students more interested and engaged in the maths classes.



We often hear students saying that maths is difficult to understand. To overcome this issue, teach effectively and provide students with better maths understanding, technology helps teachers in many ways. By reading the above-mentioned information, we can make out the benefits of using technology in maths classes. It helps teachers to have more resources, to make students understand better, engage more and achieve success in maths learning.

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