Best Korean Fashion Influencers on Instagram 

 January 31, 2022

Korean style and fashion is one of the trendsetting things in the world as these guys use social media to display the latest about what is in and what is out of fashion. This doesn’t mean that you can’t follow these trends if you are located in a country outside of Korea. Korean fashion follows a very simple sense of style where you can have an outfit and use different accessories that are available almost everywhere. What makes a difference is how you carry your outfit. The simplicity and a minimalistic approach of Korean influencers attract many brands and users, as they appear presentable without wearing a lot of makeup and accessories.


Selecting the best from these models might become difficult as all of them are doing an amazing job. For brands that want to promote their products, they have to keep up with the latest trends, styles, and models who can become prominent public figures in a short time. You can have a look at many of these influencers using Spectrum internet that provides high-speed internet at an affordable price. You can get Spectrum service using Spectrum cable and internet number using your phone. Here is a list of Korean fashion influencers that you can follow to get inspiration or as a business promote your brand:


Song Hae-Na

Song Hae-Na was a former contestant at Korea’s Next Top Model cycle 2 after which she got a boost and became one of the best influencers on Instagram. People who have an interest in casual fashion can check out her field and get inspiration from her unique, sexy, cool and elegant outfit that dazzles because of her amazing looks. She loves to run, practice Pilates and is a fitness freak.

Number of Followers: 203,000


Sunghoon Jang

He is one of the best male fashion influencers who is known for his handsome looks and informative tutorials. He is a tutor at the Chung-Ang University who went viral for his feed and made his way to become a professional model. He is smart and looks very clean and has a number of different suits, some sleek jackets, loose-fitting shirts, leather jackets and many other apparel. He likes to go to museums and is a great fan of photography which is evident in his feed as well. You can have a look at his Instagram account if you want a perfect source of trendy clothes for young Korean males.

Number of Followers: 206,000


Lee Ho-Jung

You must have seen her in some Korean music videos and dramas. Now she has her focus on becoming a model and fashion icon in the fashion industry. She is one of Korea’s most influential fashion influencers with more than 425k followers. You can find a lot of the latest fashion trends and follow her for the latest updates on styling. She has partnered with many renowned brands including LANCOME and Chiara Ferragni as well.

Number of Followers: 427,000



You can have a look at this Instagram account to have a look at Mulbada’s fashion blogs and the latest and best ways to carry your apparel. Mulbada is known for doing a great job of blending some smart-looking apparel and looks with casual looks. She focuses on leather jackets, animal print coats and long dresses. She also posts about nails and other aspects of Korean beauty and fashion. She also runs her online fashion brand that goes by the name Unbutton as well. You can find a lot of posts related to traveling and travel outfits on her account.

Number of Followers: 175,000


Rock Chae Eun (Sara)

Sara might look like a K-Pop star but she is a freelance model who is famous for her super sexy slender body. You can find her sweating in sexy sports swimwear and lingerie on her Instagram account. She is one of the most versatile Instagram models who posts about her daily life routine, places that she goes to and things she buys to wear and eat. You can find many pictures of her by the pool or at the beach. She is one of the perfect influencers for swimwear and lingerie brands and has a history of working with renowned brands including Nike and MLB.

Number of Followers: 201,000


Final Words

Following fashion bloggers can be very helpful for individuals, businesses and influencers as well. This way individuals can get more creative ideas on ways they can stay in style and groom their personalities. For businesses, these amazing individuals can become the face of the brand and can help them generate more sales. Likewise, influencers can follow each other to appreciate and support their work by following each other and reposting their work, which increases their engagement and account’s worth.

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