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Breaking Down Data Activation: Everything You Need to Know

Interested in jumping into the world of data activation? Marketing is tough when you don’t know how to get going, even if you have all of the data to inform your marketing campaigns. Because if you don’t know what to do with that data, it’s essentially just sitting there.


Even if you’re going through all of the trouble of collecting and housing the data you get from incoming calls, leads, or past campaigns. When you know that your data says you’re doing well or poorly, but you don’t know how to make adjustments, what is the point of the data?


Data activation can help you get a handle on how to use your data to your advantage. It’s not just about understanding the data you’ve collected because it’s also about taking that data and turning it into a number of actionable tasks to make your marketing team and campaigns better.


What is Data Activation?

Many people in the marketing world understand that data activation is the next step in processing your data. Data activation is making sure that your data has been analyzed and correctly understood, then turning those data points into the decision-making power and confidence for your marketing campaigns.


It’s not just copying information in one space and pasting it into another platform, while that is something that is useful to some. However, use cases and needs will undoubtedly vary from company to company, team to team, and sometimes even campaign to campaign


For example, data activation can help you understand where your company can build or invest in automation processes to help you streamline your tasks for future campaigns.


Instead of just seeing the information you’ve collected, you get to take action on the data. But data activation is understandably pretty difficult, especially if you don’t understand all of the coded language or you don’t have the strongest marketing background in the world.


The blog at Piwik explains it well, stating that data is like fuel in your car. Without starting the ignition and pressing on the gas pedal, your fuel isn’t doing much for you. Activating your data is the ignition for your business plans.


Data Activation Versus Operational Analytics?

Operational analytics is just another name for data activation. However, the differences in the names can be pretty confusing to the layperson who doesn’t know much about marketing or actionable data.


Data activation sounds easier to grasp, mainly because operational analytics is a term that makes people think about the analysis they should be doing on their day-to-day operations as a company. In actuality, operational analytics and data activation are essentially the same.


One of these just makes it clearer that someone is discussing data that’s been collected and understood. Therefore, if you’re looking for more information on data activation, it may be helpful if you research items with “operational analytics” as a keyword as well.


What’s Happening in Data Activation? What Does Data Activation Do?

In data activation, a lot of different things could be happening with the information you’ve most recently collected. This mostly depends on what you plan on doing with your data activation software or, if you plan on activating your data more manually, manpower.


In fact, several different things could be happening if you decide to do multiple things with your collected data.


Data Syncing, or Moving Objects

When you think of data syncing, you’re most likely to think about the information being taken from one device or software location and then being moved to another device or software location.


Data activation will typically work with software, transferring information with the use of manpower or streamlined coding. For example, audience information could be transferred onto software that holds contact information for something like a newsletter marketing campaign through email.


Sending Notifications and Updates

Additionally, if you’re collecting information from customers or users of your service or product, there may be a ceiling for use before they are required to pay. This might be something like a free trial, using some parts of a program but not others, or getting limited use of some premium settings.


In these cases, if you’re going to start charging money, or begin to charge more money if a customer has broken through a use ceiling, you’ll want your customer to know that you’re going to be collecting or will be expecting payment soon.


Data activation software can automatically send off these kinds of messages and notifications automatically once one of these ceilings has been broken through.


For example, if you set a trigger for your data activation software to send a message when an item has been used more than three times, the software would send a message when the item has been used four times or more. You could also send warning messages in this way.


Other Uses for Data Activation

Data activation can also be used for a number of other cases, including syncing events, delineating audiences into mailing lists, uploading files, and creating tasks. Essentially, data activation can help you to streamline your marketing campaigns.