Custom Software Development: Purpose and Processes 

 August 17, 2022

Having customized software plays an utmost role in the progression of any business. It will give your business an exclusively comprehensive look. Customers always invest in those businesses that feature exceptional services and solutions.

Although custom software development requires a huge investment, however, it’s a reliable long-term investment that works wonders for your business in the long run.

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In this article, we will shed light on the purpose of SDLC and the top 7 stages that usually software development companies take into account for the creation of software.

Let’s dive deeper together.

What is the Purpose of SDLC?

SDLC is also known as the software development life cycle. Basically, SDLC is the process in which the software develops by following a series of steps. Just like other product development, the software is created in a similar way before delivering it to its existing customer. However, the development of software is quite complex and requires proper methodologies and techniques.

SDLC begins by discovering an idea. After that, the software development companies formulate the idea and discuss it with the software developers, project managers, and other IT experts.

Then, these IT professionals make some flowcharts, diagrams, and documents to come up with solutions. Once they are done deciding the work strategies, they start developing prototypes.

After the customers have approved the prototype and other software aspects, then these skillful professionals perform the testing. If the software finds no flaws and errors, it is delivered to the customers.

All in all, the sequence followed in order to develop software is called SDLC.

Custom Software Development Services

Here are the most demanding custom software development services that software development companies mostly offer.

  • Software Consulting
  • Mobile and Web Development
  • Database Development
  • SaaS Development
  • API Development and Software Integration
  • Software Modernization

Top 7 Stages of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

Unlike other processes, the software also develops in the same way. Here are the top seven stages that are involved in the creation of software.

Let’s explore how a custom software development company turns an idea into a reality. And learn what are the top stages they mostly utilize in order to develop software.


First and foremost, software development starts with brainstorming stages. In this stage, the planning takes place regarding the software. For instance, which methods and technologies will be used, what will be the resource allocation, budgeting and project scheduling, provisioning, and other product management details.

Apart from that, in this stage, project managers and the development team discuss software operations and their execution. Other than that, they make proper timelines and schedules to ensure that all objectives can be achieved easily and timely. Furthermore, they finalize the project deadlines based on different individuals’ jobs.

Discuss the Business Requirements

Once the planning takes place, then the business stakeholders discuss their requirements with the development company. After that, the subject matter experts collect and compile all these defined requirements of business owners. And then, they discuss it with the project managers and other operational teams. SMEs elaborate on the processes that will take into account in order to automate software.

Designing of Prototype

Once the developers and architects are clear with the software needs, then the formulation of software comes into action. In this stage, the designing of the prototype happens. For the creation of prototypes, the software developers utilize standard design patterns.

Other than that, architects design architectural frameworks. They make use of already built architectural frameworks such as TOGAF, Zachman, and ITIL.

With these frameworks, they accumulate and compile software by using existing components available.

Furthermore, tech experts design a prototype, also referred to as a spike. A prototype helps to discover software designs, functions, and operations.

Software Development

In this phase, custom software experts write and compile codes to produce software. Besides, they discuss and finalize methods and technologies that will take place in the software creation. The most popular technologies are waterfall, agile, and scrum. Irrespective of the methodology, the purpose of the development team is to come up with functional software as quickest as possible without any serious flaws.


The most crucial factor involved in software development is the testing phase. No wonder testing plays a huge role in delivering quality software. There are some of the testing aspects that are mostly followed by development teams to ensure the functionality of the software.

For instance, code quality, right integration of frameworks and APIs, security and safety issues, performance testing, and unit testing. The easiest way to make sure the effectiveness of software is by using testing automation tools, such as codeship.


Mostly large enterprises use application automation tools to automate the deployment of a software application into the production environments. If the software is free from threats or bugs, the next stage is the deployment phase. In this stage, the process of automation takes place. Deployment can be done on a manual basis. However, it is best that it must follow a continuous deployment model.

Maintenance of Operations

After the completion of the software, then the IT experts maintain and check the software operations. These experts ensure that the application is free from bugs, threats, and other serious viruses.

For this purpose, they make use of tools and equipment to ensure the successful running of software operations. Once it has been discovered the product is free from any serious flaws, then the product is launched in the mainstream markets.

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