How can pests impact your pet’s health? 

 September 21, 2022

Pests are a nuisance, not just for humans but their pets as well. Your pets are constantly at risk of getting an illness from outside through pests that carry viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other deadly pathogens. These bugs negatively affect pets either directly or indirectly. They cause trouble for your pets directly by bites or stings and indirectly by transmitting diseases and allergies. To control these pests successfully, proper preventive measures are to be taken after accurate pest identification. To do the above, it is important to hire an experienced Cedar Park pest control company.


Pests can impact your pet’s health in the following ways:


Fleas: It is the most common pest that enters the house and harms pets. There are two particular species of fleas that harm pets; they are dog fleas and cat fleas. They easily pass on from one host to the other by jumping. If they take your pet as a host, they can lay their eggs on your pet. These fleas feed on your pet’s blood as well as cause anemia, itching, scratching, skiing infections, and scabbing. Such flea infestation on your pet should be immediately checked by the veterinary doctor.


Ticks: Ticks are another nuisance that feeds on your pet’s blood. They also carry diseases from one host animal to the other. These ticks also multiply rapidly by laying eggs on your pet that go unnoticed under their fur. Some diseases that are caused by these ticks are – Canine hepatozoonosis, Lyme disease, Tick paralysis, and Piroplasmosis.


Mites: These are tiny arachnids that take shelter on your pet as a host. They attach to the skin of your pet and cause skin infections called “Mange” which can be quite annoying for pets. It causes fur loss, itching, scabbing and bald spots as well.


Flies and bees: These pests mostly harm pets that are found outside, like horses, pet birds, and some exotic animals. The sting of the bee can cause painful welts or swelling. Some flies like horse flies, stable flies, gnats, horn flies, etc. are dangerous for outside pets as they spread diseases quite easily.


Elimination of pests is almost impossible when you try to do it yourself. You might find

so many do-it-yourself articles online, which will offer tips to get rid of the pests fast. But,

if you have tried them, you might know by now that it is not as easy as it seems.

Besides, you may not get rid of them completely, and some of them will lurk around the

corners of your home.

Pest control companies have experts who will use professional products to eliminate

pests at your home. Some of these products are not available to the public. Similarly,

there will be more than one type of pest infesting your house. The pest control experts

will be better prepared to deal with the menace causing trouble at your home.


Your pets are a part of your family, and seeing them suffer due to pests will only dishearten you. Therefore, do not try to solve the pest problem on your own, but hire professionals to do the same. Professional exterminators will ensure that pests are eliminated from every nook and corner of your house and do not come back again. Such preventive measures will be beneficial for your family’s health and your pet’s health as well.


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