How Much is Vince Harder Worth in 2021: Analyzing the New Zealand Singer’s Earnings 

 March 30, 2023

How Much is Vince Harder Worth in 2021? Analyzing the New Zealand Singer’s Earnings

If you’re a fan of New Zealand music, you’ve likely heard of Vince Harder. The singer is known for his smooth R&B vocals and has been an important figure in the country’s music scene for over a decade. But with fame often comes curiosity about a celebrity’s net worth. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how much Vince Harder is worth in 2021 and explore some of the factors that have contributed to his earnings.

Who is Vince Harder?

Before we dive into Harder’s earnings, let’s take a moment to introduce the man himself. Vince Harder was born in New Zealand in 1982 and began his singing career as a teenager. He gained national attention in 2005 when he auditioned for New Zealand Idol and made it all the way to the semi-finals. Since then, his music career has taken off, with hit singles such as “Everything” and “Say This With Me Now.”

Harder’s Earnings

So, just how much is Vince Harder worth in 2021? Unfortunately, exact figures for his net worth are difficult to come by, as the singer has not released any official financial statements. However, we can estimate his net worth based on some of the factors that have contributed to his earnings over the years.

Music Sales and Streaming

One major factor in Harder’s net worth is his music sales and streaming revenue. The singer has released several albums and singles over the years, which have all contributed to his earnings. While it’s hard to say exactly how much he’s made from music sales, we can estimate that he’s earned a decent amount from streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. In general, artists earn a fraction of a cent per stream, but those earnings can add up over time.

Live Performances

Another major source of income for Vince Harder is live performances. The singer has toured extensively in New Zealand and Australia, performing at festivals and concerts throughout the region. Tickets for these shows can range from a few dollars for smaller venues to hundreds of dollars for larger events. While we don’t know exactly how much money Harder has made from live performances, we can assume that he’s earned a significant amount over the years.

Collaborations and Songwriting

In addition to his solo work, Vince Harder has also collaborated with other artists and done quite a bit of songwriting. He’s worked with a range of musicians, including P Money, David Dallas, and Stan Walker. These collaborations can lead to additional income from royalties and other revenue streams.

Acting and TV Appearances

Vince Harder has also dipped his toe into the world of acting, making appearances on several New Zealand TV shows over the years. While acting is not his primary focus, these appearances can help him earn additional income and can also raise his profile in the entertainment industry.

Other Sources of Income

Finally, it’s worth noting that celebrities often have other sources of income beyond their primary career. Vince Harder may have endorsement deals, investments, or other businesses that contribute to his net worth. Without access to his financial records, it’s impossible to know for sure.


Q: How much is Vince Harder worth in 2021?
A: Exact figures are difficult to come by, but it’s likely that Harder’s net worth is in the millions of dollars.

Q: How does Vince Harder earn his money?
A: Harder earns money primarily through music sales and streaming revenue, live performances, collaborations and songwriting, and TV appearances.

Q: Has Vince Harder won any awards?
A: Yes, Harder has won several awards over the years, including Best Pacific Male Artist and Best Video at the Pacific Music Awards in 2014.

Q: Does Vince Harder have any upcoming tour dates?
A: As of this writing, there are no upcoming tour dates listed on Harder’s official website.

Q: What is Vince Harder’s most popular song?
A: Harder’s most popular song is likely “Everything,” which reached the top of the New Zealand music charts in 2008.

Q: Where can I listen to Vince Harder’s music?
A: Vince Harder’s music is available on a range of streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Q: Is Vince Harder still releasing new music?
A: Yes, Harder continues to release new music regularly, with his most recent single, “Wanted,” dropping in 2021.


While we can’t know for sure how much Vince Harder is worth in 2021, it’s likely that the singer has earned a significant amount over the years from a range of income streams. Whether he’s performing live on stage or collaborating with other artists, Harder has made a name for himself in the New Zealand music scene and beyond. And with new music on the horizon, it’s likely that his earnings will continue to grow in the years to come. So, keep listening to his smooth R&B vocals and supporting one of New Zealand’s finest musicians!

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