How to Avoid Getting Scammed in Digital Marketing in Australia 

 March 8, 2022

Australians have always been known for their friendly and welcoming nature. However, in 2021, Australian click fraud rates increased from 18% to 28% during the height of COVID-19. So, when it comes to digital marketing, it is vital to be aware of the scams that are out there. Remember that as digital marketing grows in popularity, so does the number of scammers waiting to take advantage of newbie business owners.


If you are not cautious, you could find yourself wasting thousands of dollars on fake digital marketing services.


Why should you avoid getting scammed in digital marketing?


Getting scammed in digital marketing in Australia is a real problem for businesses of all sizes. Scammers are constantly searching to take advantage of people who do not know any better, and digital marketing is an excellent way to do that. They know how much money they can make off the services offered, so it is only natural that they want to scam as many people as possible.


So, if you are not careful, you could find yourself losing a lot of money. Next, we will discuss how to avoid getting scammed in digital marketing.


So, what can you do to protect yourself from digital marketing scams? Here are a few tips:


  • Do your research- Before hiring any digital marketing service, make sure you do your research first. Make sure to check out internet reviews and ask around for recommendations. It will help you to find legitimate digital marketing companies.


  • Ask for proof of work- Digital marketing scams often use fake testimonials, so make sure you ask for contacts and examples of their previous work before signing anything. If they cannot provide these things, then do not hire them! Instead, you want someone who has experience doing digital marketing in Australia to help your business.


  • Get multiple quotes- digital marketing services can be expensive, so make sure you get quotes from at least three various companies before deciding which one is right for your business needs. It will ensure that you have the best service possible at a reasonable price.


  • Get a contract- Always get an agreement in writing before hiring any digital marketing service. It will protect you in case of any disputes down the road.


  • Look for red flags- Certain things should ring alarm bells if you consider hiring a digital marketing service. For example, if the company is asking for money upfront or promises to get your website to the top of Google, it is probably a scam. Be careful and always do your research.


  • Get a digital marketing audit- Before hiring any digital marketing service, it is good to get a digital marketing audit. It will help you identify any frailty in your current digital marketing strategy and support the digital marketer you hire to understand your business better.


  • Always go with your gut- If something feels good to be true, it probably is. Do not hire a company if you are unsure about their digital marketing service! Trust your gut instinct, and you will be safe from digital marketing scams.


Digital Marketing in Australia is a great way to market your business. However, it can also be risky if you do not know what digital marketing scams are out there!


So, make sure that when you hire digital marketing services in Australia, do your research first and look for reviews online before signing anything with them. Do not waste your time engaging with them if they cannot provide these things.


Author: Nora

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