How to Become a Successful Gamer 

 June 14, 2022

How to Become a Pro Gamer

We’ve all fantasized about resigning our day jobs to pursue our dreams of becoming professional esports gamers. What if you were paid to play your video game all day? What’s not to like about that? Maybe e-sports is not your jam, and you could give arcade games a crack. Why not try some pinball or an air hockey table.


But it isn’t as simple as quitting your day job and staying at home in your PJs, gaming until the wee hours of the morning, and never leaving the couch. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to making a living in esports competitions and gaming leagues. Even if you’re ready and able to invest the time in becoming the greatest in your field, there are trade-offs to consider, such as a previous steady salary.


However, if you’re willing to put in the long hours required to become excellent enough to pursue pro-gaming as a career, you could make a lot of money and live a high life.


Check out the best esports recommendations to assist you in becoming an esports elite.

Try Out A Bunch Of Games


Esports games vary and while they are mostly modern games, there are also remakes of old school arcade game titles for the older or more retro enthusiast gamers out there. If Retro gaming is your thing many modern retro arcade game machines offer net play modes so you can vs friends over the web. That aside, there’s a lot of modern games which game will earn you a spot in the Esports Hall of Fame, trying various ones will help you decide where to place your focus.

The following are some of the game types currently being played in tournament matches:

  • Multiplayer online battle arenas. League of Legends, Dota 2, Smite, Heroes of the Storm, etc., are some of which professional players consider among the most popular options.
  • First-person shooters. Counter-Strike is the first game that comes to mind, but you could also try Special Force II or Call of Duty. In addition, tournaments for third-person shooter games exist.
  • Starcraft and Starcraft II, or Warcraft III, are some of the real-time strategy games.
  • Fighting games are also fun to play. These are still prevalent with games like Tekken, Street Fighter, and Killer Instinct and were part of the first gaming tournaments.
  • Games with cards. Arena of Magic: The Gathering


Should one pick the old or new games?


Choosing a well-known game in the esports community is the safest bet. Numerous resources are available to assist you, and the infrastructure is still in place.


Because games like Counter-Strike and Dota 2 have a massive fan base, their tournaments offer some of the most lucrative prizes. However, because of the competitiveness, it may be difficult for new entrants to move up the ladder.


Choosing a good game, on the other hand, can help you advance quickly in your career. However, there’s a chance the game won’t take off and won’t make it to the esports scene.

Level Up Your Game

If you can’t stay ahead of the competition, you have no potential to turn pro. However, idling away for hours on end isn’t enough. Incorporate a strategic plan for your training sessions if you want to compete in the major esports tournaments.


There are several resources available, which is a good thing. You can look up tutorials online to boost your aim in FPS games and learn how to apply the most common and efficient techniques.


Also, keep an eye on professional tournaments on the internet and jot down the techniques used by the top players. Another option is to watch players while they broadcast their game.


Pressure Test Your Skills

Vying in the world’s most prestigious professional tournaments can be stressful, and your performance may suffer. This is why you should get used to performing in front of an audience and under duress.


Start with the basics and stream your playing sessions with a second PC if there are no available tournaments for a while. Then participate in online matches. These will assist you in developing your notoriety, and if you win, you may receive a cash prize. Luckily, online gaming platforms such as Parimatch have made it possible to play and for your fans to bet on you through their CSGO betting.


The next step is to compete in local area network (LAN) tournaments. These will give you a better understanding of what it’s like to compete in large, live tournaments. You can begin by participating in local contests and working your way up.


Invest in High-Quality Gear

Since no one will start believing you played poorly because you didn’t fix your broken mouse or keyboard, having good gear should correspond to your abilities. This is why you should invest in high-quality equipment right away. There are many alternatives, and these peripherals can be costly, so ensure you get one that meets your requirements.


When you get your gear, make sure you use it all of the time. Use the same equipment whether you’re just having fun or want to start a five-hour training session. Muscle memory will optimize as you become more intimately acquainted with your equipment, giving you an edge over other players.


Build a Network

You will likely encounter players who rank higher than you while engaging in tournaments or researching the best strategies. Please make an effort to strike up a conversation with them about game strategy, training techniques, or how they mentally prepare for a tournament.


You can even organize game sessions and invite higher-ranked players to join. Learn about their strategies in real-time using Discord or a similar app. Developing relationships with players who have already transitioned to the professional ranks can help you advance your career. It’s possible that you’ll be invited to private sessions or that you’ll be referred to other teams or sponsors.


Join a Team

Discovering other players with whom you can play regularly is critical if you play a group game. It will assist you in becoming accustomed to how different players play the game and improve your communication skills.


There’s a probability your potential team will locate you if you’ve developed a reputation for yourself in online or LAN tournaments. So, when competing, ensure you’re always acting professionally.


You can try out for teams on sites like Seek Team. Even if you don’t make the team, if you’re an elevated opponent, there’s a likelihood they’ll like to train with you.


Get a Sponsor

Although this isn’t necessary for your professional gaming career, it will alleviate some financial stress, allowing you to concentrate more on cultivating your expertise.


If sponsored, you must compete by wearing their merchandise, recognize their website in your video descriptions, or participate in their events. And if you win a tournament, some sponsors could see you winning a bonus.


Pro gamers already connected with an existing team are likely to have a sponsor. The burden of having to market oneself is taken away.


Act Like a Pro

A healthy lifestyle, rest, and mental well-being are essential because being a professional gamer requires much effort. A supportive environment is necessary if you want to have a lengthy tenure.


Remember that you may be perceived as a public figure, so always be courteous and avoid causing a stir. Keep a positive attitude even if you’re losing to avoid being blacklisted.


Gaming has become a much more diverse and readily available hobby than ten years ago. You wouldn’t have to assert your capabilities or participate in a clique to deem yourself a gamer, notwithstanding what a small minority of gamers would have you believe. There’s a game for everyone, just like a book or a movie. You can check out Parimatch, which even hosts online sporting tournaments.


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