How to Get Chai Sutta Bar Franchise in India 

 July 14, 2022

CSB originated in Indore and Madhya Pradesh. Drinking chai with milk in a clay cup, known as nukkad, or adrak chai, is a common occurrence. Across all of its tea franchises, Chai Sutta Bar’s menu offers the same delicious chai in a setting that elevates the flavour sensation. In spite of the name, smoking is not permitted. One hundred and twenty potters and their families have benefited from the expansion of the chai sutta bar franchise, which serves tea in clay pots made by these artisans.

All about the Chai Sutta Bar

  • Chai Sutta Bar is a chain of Indian cafes that opened at the beginning of 2016. The first Chai Cafe was in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. This is where the company began
  • At first, about 4,000 to 5,000 teas were sold in kulhads. Now, more than 80,000 teas are sold every day
  • Through the Chai Sutta Bar Franchise opportunity, they now want to grow their business in India and around the world
  • The word “Bar” in the name makes it sound like the CSB serves tasty, clean, and traditional Indian tea and drinks in kulhads at reasonable prices
  • The store feels like a nukkad bar because it has a bar table
  • They plan to have at least 200 franchises all over India and more than that around the world
  • The word “Sutta” in the name makes it sound like people should switch from smoking to drinking tea. It is not only a unique name, but it also promotes Indian culture tea in a roundabout way. It also helps the people who make the kulhads and reduces the use of plastic, among other things.


Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Details

Several places are offering the Chai Sutta Bar franchise. The franchiser expects to get back the initial investment of 16 lakh in 15 months and make an average of 90,000 pm each month. That is a smart plan, and it even makes tea a branded international product. It also helps Indian artisans (they need to make over 5 lakh kulhad per day), uses less plastic, and shows off Indian culture.


Let’s talk about How to get the best Franchise in India and what all it takes.


CSB needs you to have a strong financial background and be able to invest between 16 lakh and 20 lakh.


Here’s what the company or entrepreneur has done in the past.

  • The owner of a Chai Sutta Bar needs to have worked in the food service industry for a number of years
  • It also needs a company or owner with a lot of experience to run the day-to-day business tasks well.

Location and area details:

Tea cafés must be in a bustling commercial area for drinks and food. The 300-2,000 square-foot space must be near a train or bus station, school, or shopping area. You don’t need to own the space. A commercial space can serve the purpose.


Chai sutta bar franchise cost:

Chai Sutta Bar Café franchise fee is 6 lakh with a 16 lakh investment. Chai sutta bar franchise cost returns 2%.



Chai Sutta Bar’s story is one of rags-to-riches triumph. Successful entrepreneurship requires effort and planning. Its expansion through the Chai Sutta Bar franchise might help you launch a business. The offer is generous, lucrative, and thrilling. To create a Chai Sutta Bar franchise, you should follow the business advice and requirements.



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