How to Organize a Family-Friendly Event 

 May 11, 2022

Having a guest list with attendees of all ages might seem a little daunting when you are used to simply planning events with a mostly adult audience but there’s not too much to worry about. You’ll find things are largely the same even if there’s a few adjustments you’ll need to keep in mind. For those seasoned party planners, go about business as usual and keep in mind these few small changes.


As long as that’s done, your planning will be done before you know it and the only thing you’ll have to look forward to is a wonderful event with friends, family, and everyone in attendendance.

Think About A Venue First

While planning events in the past, this might not have been the first thing on your mind but it should be if there’s a family-friendly focus. Previously, having the right entertainment might have felt like the most crucial aspect but here you’ll want to focus on the venue. Every family, big or small, is going to be larger than just couples or single individuals attending. That means you’ll really need to think about table sizes before anything else.


It’s easy to ask an adult to squeeze into a table where they don’t know anyone but that’s not a possible thing to ask with families. Not only will you need room for a table that can accommodate families, but you’ll also need room for kids to play. You can ask for things to be kept calm but kids love to run around with their siblings and friends they might have met that night. You might as well build that fact into things while still choosing where the event will be.

Approach The Entertainment Differently

Having an entertainer might be a staple for your events and there’s no reason to change that this time around. What might be worth changing is how you think about what entertainment is right for the night. No matter what type of entertainment you like to have, make sure it’s kid friendly. This doesn’t just mean to keep it clean, while that’s a good idea, you wouldn’t want kids to get bored when the entertainment is something that’s just going over their heads.


Changing course, ever so slightly, might be the answer here. If you always love a little comedy at your parties, there’s no need to change that but maybe consider christian comedians as that’s an entertainer who will be used to families and not only have a clean act, but one kids are going to love as well.

Never Forget The Price

Being a party planner, you know the cost of things is never far from your mind. This is the case for when it’s just single adults and couples but it’s even more important when the entire family is coming. The budget is going to look quite different when it isn’t just the parents coming this time. Depending on the family, things can really look a lot different.


Families come in all shapes and sizes and the last thing anyone wants is to make things unattainable for the larger families in the crowd. With lowest cost tickets, that might mean the budget can’t quite be as large as you’d hope. Things might not be as flashy as originally planned but that’ll all be worth it once as many families, large and small, are able to attend.

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