How to Prevent Pantry Pest 

 November 15, 2022

Pantry pests are insects found in the kitchen pantry; they attack and feed on all kinds of stored foods, including flour, cereals, pasta, spices, fruit, and much more.

Common Pantry Pest

The most common pantry pests are

How To Prevent Pantry Pest

It is vital to tackle the existing infestation to prevent pest pantry infestation. If the case is severe, it is better to request the service of a pest control company.

●       Clear The Pantry

To prevent future infestation, you must clear out the existing infestation. To do this, clear out your pantry and look out for damaged packages, examine the food items present for signs of infestations and throw out the infested. Also, keep the pantry in an orderly manner.

●       Keep Pantry Clean

Clean the corners and crevices. Vacuum the corners, and if possible, take the chance and wash the entire thing. Use disinfectant to scrub the corners and crevices and dry them off; wait for them to dry before returning the food items.

●       Replace Original Packages

Replace original food packages like cereals with plastic tubes. You should store food items like pasta, flour, and cookies in pest-resistant jars and refrigerators. Airtight jars and pest-resistant plastic would prevent food damage and keep pests away.

●       Separate food items

Avoid joining old food items with newly purchased ones. Old food items might have been infested, which couldspread to the new ones. You can only do this when you’re sure both are not infested.

Prevention Of Pantry Pest

Elimination of pantry pests may be challenging once infestation starts as it might be challenging to locate the source. It is better to prevent them than to eliminate them.

●       Inspect Your Groceries

One of the easy ways for pests to find their way into the pantry is through grocery shopping. Some pests lay eggs on grocery items, and you unintentionally bring pests into your home, which starts the infestation process. Check all groceries before and after purchasing them.

●       Check Due Date

It is essential to check the expiration date of foods in the pantry for a while. The longer you leave a food item in the pantry, the more vulnerable and attractive it is to pests.

●       Clean Pantry Regularly

Dirt attracts pests more than anything, so you should clean the pantry regularly. Also, keep the pantry dry as moisture attracts pests too. Use a humidifier or fan to dry the pantry if wet.

●       Keep all lids Close

Always keep the lid of the jars in the pantry close. An open food container is an open invitation to pantry pests.

●       Avoid Pesticides

Pantry is a pesticide no area. Pesticides contain chemicals that can contaminate, poison food items, and cause more severe health problems.

●       Use Natural Pest Repellent

Some natural plants and oil are effective against pantry pests. Examples are garlic, bay leaf, cinnamon, eucalyptus leaf, and oil.

●     Pest Control

It would be best if you allowed a pest control company to conduct inspections twice a year. This is to keep all pests away and also for the long term.



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