How to professionalize to earn money with video games 

 January 27, 2022

The video game industry has not stopped growing in Spain in recent years, reaching a turnover of 1,479 million euros and consolidating our country as one of the top ten world markets in the sector, according to the latest data from the Spanish Video Game Association. Given this rapid growth that everything indicates will continue to increase, new professions have been developed around this industry. For this reason, in this article, we indicate the 10 most demanded professions related to eSports. Do not miss it!

Most demanded professions in eSports

Video game fans are in luck, as it is an industry that continues to grow at dizzying rates, there are many opportunities that arise. If you want to professionalize yourself in this world, take note of the most demanded professions in eSports. Keep reading! https://22bet.ng/live/


They are those people who want to make their passion their profession. No professional equipment is necessary to start as a professional player. It’s as easy as getting started by signing up for open cups where you can compete for little money or for free. For example, in the Electronic Sport League every week they organize tournaments. As in other betting sports, the best can make a living from it.


They are those professionals whose function is the development of the scheme, the concept and the “playability” of the video game. They look for original ideas, stories and characters, guiding them through the production. It is one of the most desired professions by gaming fans and one of the most competitive jobs.


A developer is a software architect. Its goal is to create video games for various platforms, whether for video consoles, personal computers or mobile phones. Using a digitized system or software, they build applications to emulate virtual games. They are based on computer code and the use of programming tools.


The objective of video game testers, as we can imagine, is to guarantee that the product is correct, that it does not suffer from errors or technical failures. They carry out an exhaustive quality control of the product to document the faults and that they can remedy them before going to market.


He is the professional in charge of supervising the entire project from start to finish. His responsibility ranges from negotiating contracts and budget to finding out, planning and controlling the available economic resources, their financing and everything necessary for the project to go ahead.


Companies have created their own ecosystem around eSports that ranges from video games and macro events to the creation of communities or merchandising. Those in charge of generating all this transmedia narrative are sports marketing professionals .


The key to organizing an eSports event is to correctly define the objectives and expectations to make the audience enjoy. Hundreds of events are held throughout the year and they have an incredible scope. To get an idea, in 2018 more than 200 million people watched the final of the League of Legends World Championship, while that same year, the reach of the Super Bowl was 103 million.



It would be the closest thing to being a video game influencer . Their influence is based on their ability to attract users to the application, as well as the interest generated by the recommendations they make on their profiles and the number of followers. Both streamers and gamers are offering new content that has not been available on the Internet until now.


The job of the analysts is to give the players as much information as possible so that they are prepared for their next matchups. They teach the players how their opponent reacts, the tools they usually use, their weaknesses, and all those details that the player can use as advantages.


It is a profession quite unknown by the general public. Every time there is a larger audience that enjoys watching these shows and even fill stadiums to host these competitions. They have to have the ability to turn the most boring game into an unforgettable experience.

“The esports ecosystem is already one of the industries that will generate the greatest number of new professions in the coming years”, explains Pascual Parada , Director of the Master in eSports Management at IEBS. “It is an excellent opportunity for professional development for all those profiles who are passionate about video games and competition” , he adds.

What do you think of this article about the most demanded professions in eSports ? Which one do you prefer? Leave your comments and share!

Finally, given the great demand that exists in the world of video games, training in the field is essential to gain a foothold in the industry. For this reason, IEBS offers the Master in eSports Management , to teach video game lovers all the skills necessary to create and manage any eSport project, as well as the marketing strategies used in this sector with so much potential. We will wait for you!


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