Is Online Slots Addiction a Thing? 

 November 7, 2022

Playing online slots is exciting and entertaining. Sometimes, certain players could go over the edge, landing themselves in a specific type of harm or addiction. This problem is not restricted to pokies alone but gambling in general – spin the reel now.

A short answer to the question is YES, online slots addiction is a thing and a huge problem. Because slot machines are a majority of the total games found at internet casinos, this article will focus on the issue of gambling addiction.

What is Slots Addiction?

Let’s begin by clearly stating what gambling addiction is to avoid confusion. Online gambling addiction (which includes slots) is a progressive system of a lack of impulse control for all casino game types. This matter is worst with pokies, so our focus is to settle on this crucial game.

This addiction type stretches to almost all parts of a gambler’s life: psychologically, financially, and overall life quality. Slots gambling can easily stimulate the brain to hold on a “little more” to enjoy the frivolities, acting almost the same way as alcohol and drugs. However, the danger is that it could go undetected for a long time.

Causes of Slots Addiction

The triggers for slot addiction are related to almost all spheres of human endeavour. They include:

Social Triggers

Early exposure to online slot gaming could quickly induce an addiction. Typical cases can be seen with minors whose parents, friends, and others wager heavily on different slot machines.

Biological Triggers

Many scientific studies have pinpointed excessive triggers of certain feel-good hormones and neurotransmitters as factors. Some of them include serotonin, dopamine, etc. A one-time wager on a slot machine could easily release these hormones, and the player would want to experience the same feeling again and again. This weakens his impulse control and exposes them to addiction problems.

Psychological Triggers

Underlying health and mental problems are other common factors why online slots addiction is now standard. Most gamblers use this format to expose negative thoughts and want to feel good, even for a short while.

Why Slot Machine Addiction is Common

Many people now associate electronic slots with the “crack cocaine” of online gambling. Here are common reasons why this type of gambling addiction is common.

They are Readily Available

Slot machines are the most common types of games at any online casino. They are easy to play and don’t require any prior experience. All they need is a wager, choose the number of pay lines and hit the spin button. A real money wager is often unnecessary, as most casino operators offer bonuses that cover these costs.

Chasing Losses

While online pokies are fun to play on, landing a win could be challenging. Players could go a hundred spins without recording a single win. This means budgets are wiped out, with nothing to show for it. Most gamblers go ahead to add a new bankroll in the hopes that they could recover what they lost. This is particularly common with jackpot slot machines.

It is easy to set a wager and spin the button. The hard part is leaving the machine or game when the budget is exhausted, but there are no wins to show. This could lead to an almost endless cycle of pursuing losses.

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