Live broadcasts of star casinos 

 April 28, 2022

Streaming in an online casino is a broadcast of games in real-time. Popular players gather a large audience during live broadcasts due to their playing style. During the stream, they manage to hit the jackpot, spend a lot of money, open a new bonus game and capture many other legendary moments in the memory of the viewers. JetX Casino is one of the most popular slot machines for live stream recording.

Benefits of live streaming

There are hundreds of platforms that host live streaming, including YouTube and Twitch, a popular streaming platform. But online casino Parimatch beats them all. There are several benefits for both spectators and players:

  • No risk of account blocking. The rules of sites such as YouTube and Twitch prohibit the posting of videos of a gambling nature. Parimatch is a specially created online casino platform where you can not only watch legendary players but also try your luck at the game.
  • View broadcast from any device. Watch the game live from any gadget that you have in your home (smartphone, PC, etc.). The main condition is the ability to connect to the Internet.
  • Broadcast star games that you will not find on other sites. Parimatch is a huge collection of various slot machines that have no analogs among virtual casinos.
  • Connection to the game in one click. If while watching the broadcast you have an unbridled desire to try your luck in this slot machine, just one click – and you are already on the other side of the screen.
  • Possibility to conduct live broadcasts for everyone. Regular players who spend many hours at the machines and have learned all their secrets can broadcast themselves. The more popular the gambler, the more viewers will be on the air.

There is only one minus in live broadcasting – mandatory registration. Before connecting to the air, you need to go through a simple authorization. After that, you will be able to view any broadcasts that are currently available on the site.

It often happens that popular streamers forget about the main goals. In pursuit of big earnings, they can praise online casinos and say things that are not there. To avoid such tricks, watch live broadcasts only on Parimatch. The platform selects gamblers who can broadcast live and controls their activity.

Who is more profitable to be: a streamer or a spectator?

Players who broadcast live are called looters. By recording streams, they receive payments for attracting an audience from the casino itself, collecting donations from viewers, and also gaining popularity, which will help increase their earnings in the future.

For the average viewer, watching a broadcast also has many benefits:

  • Getting a portion of excitement without spending money. Watching a game can be compared to passive smoking: you don’t participate in the process, but you get a dose of adrenaline.
  • Studying the technique of the game. Watching an experienced gambler, you can track the frequency of the bonus game and other points that will help you win in the future.
  • Teaching new strategies. Successful ludovody often show their winning combinations and tricks, which are regularly used.

Watch the game of star gamblers live. You can spend time with interest without spending a penny at Parimatch. Hurry up and go to the live broadcast section!

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