Make your wedding day unforgettable by gifting your guest something uniqueṣ 

 July 23, 2022


Picking the perfect wedding gift is not easy, especially when you have so many other things to do. So, to help you, I have mentioned eight amusing gift ideas.

  1. Beautiful test tube gifts

If you are looking for elegant and unique gifts, this one will surely be of your interest. The bath salts in the test tubes are an exclusive idea to surprise your guests. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good bathing session?

The crystalline substance work will create a softly scented ambiance in their bathroom. The refreshment from the long bathing hour can lighten their mood. Of course, you can do it if you want to stuff other things like lavender buds or flavored tea.

Flavored tea is a great way to make their morning energetic, and they can use the lavender in the car, closets, or sock drawers to fill it with lovely fragrance.

Apart from this, these test tubes can also be used to make a drink. So, if you are getting married in winter, cocoa-filled test tubes are the best as a return gift. Your guests can enjoy this fun drink in the evening. Don’t forget to add cute tags and your favorite colors. There are multiple shapes available for the tags. You can choose your preferred one.


  1. Different flavored popcorns in custom boxes


Popcorns go with every wedding theme, season, and venue. You can offer different flavored popcorn, from sweet to savory. This will allow your guests to explore and pick their new favorite flavor.


Put this freshly popped popcorn in customized boxes. It is a very affordable and excellent idea to entertain your guests.


  1. Bags of seeds


Seeds are a symbol of growth and harmony. It is a meaningful and nature-friendly wedding gift. You can pick a seed of a specific tree or various plant seeds. Stuff it in eco-friendly bags and write down custom messages for everyone.


  1. Candle Jar


A candle jar has been a very famous return gift. Design it with initials, the wedding date, or relatable hashtags. While purchasing candle jars, ensure they are environment-friendly and provide a clean burn.


It’s better to select natural, vegan, non-toxic, and biodegradable wax with 24hrs burn time. Also, don’t forget to check whether the glass jars are reusable.


  1. Preserved Roses in a box


Roses signify love, romance, passion, and friendship. When you gift a rose to someone, you are indirectly expressing your feelings towards the person. It is also a great way of saying thank you.


Can you tell me what is more delightful than receiving gorgeous preserved roses in a box popping with bright colors and smells like a frosty morning? Your guests will not be able to forget such a mindful and lovely gift.


Instead of red, you can also pick yellow to celebrate your friendly relationship with them.


  1. Bottle openers


Bottle openers are a very useful tool. There is a high chance that your guests will utilize it every weekend. Whenever they will, it will remind them of you and your wedding.

Various designs are present; you can go for your favorite shape. If you are interested in more customization, include your names.


  1. Temporary tattoos


What makes a good snapshot on your wedding day rather than your best friends showing off tattoos of your and your partner’s faces? It is cool and super fun. You guys can add the initials of both of your names or the wedding date.


  1. Chocolates in a personalized box


If you’re left confused, close your eyes and pick chocolates – it can never go wrong, I repeat, NEVER. Don’t forget to find some beautiful boxes and personalize them with your wedding dates and the name of your guests.


You can even go for some multi-flavored chocolates and even choose to make them heart-shaped. However, if you want to go the extra mile and make it extra special for your guests, why don’t you make these chocolates all yourself?


Over to you…


Apart from this list, you can also research and pick the one you feel is the best. Remember, brownie points if you can personalize it well!


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