Plan your wedding, vow renewal or other ceremonies at the Blue Zone Resort 

 September 30, 2022

Marriage is a big step for any couple. It is a compromise of loving, caring and being there for each other no matter the circumstances. Therefore, such a joyful occasion – finding someone to share your life with – deserves a big celebration like the one you can have in a hotel in Guanacaste or lodge. But, why do you have to limit spending a honeymoon in Costa Rica? What if you can marry there as well?

Destination weddings are increasingly popular and for good reasons. The costs for a normal marriage ceremony can be quite high. Also, there is countless stress involved. Due to that, the Blue Zone Resort offers a lot of different options to live your nuptial dreams.

A destination wedding | Why to choose Costa Rica?

There are many things that will make you feel motivated to plan your wedding in Costa Rica. Let´s see some of them:

Beautiful landscapes

This tropical country is well known for its biodiversity and incredible natural landmarks. Within a close distance, you will be able to find warm pristine beaches with white sand, lush rainforests with vibrant wildlife, and thrilling volcanic mountain ranges.

This absolutely means that your wedding photos will be amazing, no matter what. In addition, it also means you will be able to enjoy great days of tourism both before and after the wedding, whether it is only with your couple, or with your guests as well.

Safe and handy destination

Flying to Costa Rica, no matter where you are, is quite accessible. There are two international airports available with direct flights from plenty of cities. For visiting the Blue Zone Resort, for example, you only need to travel to the Guanacaste (LIR) Airport, and from there take a private shuttle to the space. There is also plenty of ground transportation for all your touristic needs.

Additionally, the legal procedures for marriage are simple. You only need a local lawyer during the ceremony, who will take care of recording the marriage in the Costa Rica’s National Registry. The issued marriage certificate can be translated and certified by the Costa Rican Foreign Ministry and the consulate or embassy of your local country before being mailed to you. This process usually takes between 4 and 6 weeks, plus the time for the shipping process.

More affordable prices

As mentioned above – weddings are expensive. The cost will depend on a lot of factors: the number of guests, the time of marriage, the place and decoration rented, and the type of food catered, among others. On the other hand, against what you could expect, marrying abroad can be more accessible.

Costa Rica has great prices, which means you can book rooms in a nice place such as an eco lodge, have a wedding at the beach with a delicious dinner included, and even include tourism in the package. All for less than what a regular wedding could cost.

Inclusive space

In Costa Rica, same-sex marriage is legal since 2020. Furthermore, at the Blue Zone Resort, everyone is accepted no matter their sexual orientation, race, religious beliefs, or ethnicity. There is no reason to be concerned about discrimination. We believe that love is over everything else.

Blue Zone Resort | What events can you do?

If you can invite your family and friends for a journey full of fun too, there are reasons to share it with them. Whether you want a small wedding with only 10 of your closest guests, or you are going broader with a reception of 50 people, enjoy it here in our lodge, and also share our hors d’oeuvres and cocktail hours. Additional related activities at the Blue Zone Resort include:


If you have always dreamed of running away with your loved one, then this is your ideal choice. The wedding ceremony will be conducted on the beach by an officiant, while music sounds in the background under the wedding arch with tropical flowers. Moreover, you will have a post ceremony wine toast with your couple and up to 4 guests!

Vow renewal

Being already married is not a reason to miss a perfect destination wedding. Reaffirm your love for each other during two-night accommodation or more, as you delight in the wonders of Costa Rica with your loved one.

All the options include upgrades to make your day even more special. You can have live acoustic guitar music, an authorized officiant with all legal fees, photography or videography, and even professional hair styling, among other choices. Contact the Blue Zone Resort here for further information on our packages.

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