Playing on the internet: tips to avoid dangers 

 May 24, 2022

Nothing that is put in front of it stops the world of technology, relentless in its evolution at the speed of light in search of improvements that continue to leave us open-eyed and improve our experience as users, not only when working, but also in our leisure. If there is a group that can attest to this, it is the gamers, for whom the technological boom is a true paradise. Smartphones are already made thinking of playing on the internet, needless to say that computers also have them as their great commercial objective. Click here for more details about 22 Bet

There are more and more fans of this hobby that for many is also a profession. We are not concerned about the latter, but we are concerned about all the young people -and not so young- of that first massive group, people who spend hours playing their favorite adventures online with the consequent risk that this may pose to their safety if they do not take the necessary precautions. As this does not happen yet in many cases, our grain of sand to stop this from happening is to share the advice that experts in digital security give to avoid dangers when playing on the Internet.

Computer software security

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It is no longer convenient to always have your software well equipped with a good protection barrier, but it is essential that it is updated, and more so in the case of a user who spends so many hours doing something like playing on the Internet. Everything you use in this sense will add security to your activity.

server security

Verifying the server that is being used when playing is a measure that does not take much time to do and is highly recommended. Just check that it has the correct encryption and authentication. If you don’t have them or don’t check them, any information you share is likely to be stolen.

data privacy

You have to do it whenever you surf the net, also when you play. Moreover, in these cases it is almost more important because of the huge community with which the gamer interacts in real time, in many cases unfathomable to really know who is on the other side. Always shield any personal data that could leave you in a vulnerable position if someone accesses it through a digital breach.

download alert

It seems unbelievable that at this point in the film we have to continue warning of the risk that certain downloads entail, but that’s right, it still represents a huge risk that many users underestimate. In order not to fall into the error, always check both what is downloaded and, especially, the source from which it comes when you go to play on the internet. Write for Us – Tech News, Business Updates, IT Trends, Digital Media

DDoS protection

A DDoS attack seeks denial of service; that is, an online service becomes unavailable by saturating it with multidirectional traffic. Shielding yourself with this type of security is recommended -there are companies specialized in DDos protection- in cases where you run your own game hosting server.


The danger of access and shared networks

Using this type of resources to play is not something that an experienced gamer is going to do because they already know its dangers, but a person who plays alone from time to time or who is not well informed can be tempted to resort to unknown Wi-Fi networks. or open as shared teams. And the problem comes both from the insecurity of these networks and from forgetfulness when logging out.

Beware of interaction with strangers

As we have mentioned before, the gamer community is immense, and if you are one of those who plays with unknown people -there are those who prefer only close ties-, the ideal is to tattoo the mantra that “what happens in the game, stays in the game”. ”. Any kind of unnecessary personal contact with an unverified identity is opening a door to possible danger, so you should not only worry about security on a technological level, but also human, because your behavior also matters. This is especially delicate in the case of minors, but it should be extended to adults.

Be careful with clicking and accepting

Phishing is one of the great enemies of internet security. Among other things, it is because it is very easy to fall into the trap. Simply clicking where you shouldn’t or accepting something you shouldn’t take for granted can lead to valuable personal information being stolen. In the case of online gambling, the risk comes mainly from the large market purchases that it carries.

Follow the instructions of official institutions: at the beginning of 2019, the National Police in collaboration with the electronic sports club MAD Lions EC launched the first specific security guide for gamers. The document is very interesting for inexperienced players as well as for parents and educators, and serves as an example that the State security forces are always a reliable source on digital security issues when they disclose because they have highly qualified experts in the field.

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