Support These Female-Owned Businesses in the SF Bay Area 

 April 8, 2022

Every day is a beautiful day to show your support for women-owned companies. Supporting female-owned enterprises promotes economic empowerment, equality of the sexes, and general prosperity. You also feel pretty good about your shopping as an extra benefit just like you would after hitting the jackpot on https://tonybet.com/ca/live-casino.

Throughout the years, outstanding female entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area have distinguished themselves in various fields, from retail to eating. Don’t know where to begin your search? Here are a few SF Bay Area women-owned businesses to shop from now.

1. post.script.

Post.script. is a woman-owned business with a quirky and varied variety of things from 50 chosen companies spanning stationery, household goods, and accessories. Candles, puzzles, prints, artwork, and other unique products line the shelves of this small hip shop. Whether you’re looking for a present or buying for yourself, you’re bound to find something that catches your eye at this female-owned company.

2. Farmgirl Flowers

Farmgirl Flowers, which began in the San Francisco residence of founder and CEO Christina Stembel in 2010, has evolved to become a beloved florist for many Bay Folks. On the website of this female-owned business, you may choose a variety of stunning bouquets and arrangements and have your pick brought to you wherever you live.

3. Lady Falcon Coffee Club

Lady Falcon Coffee Club is an independent coffee roaster created by a woman that sells wonderful specialty coffee. The name alludes to a time in Ocean Beach folklore when women created a revolutionary bicycling club that granted them mobility and liberty. Try any of this female-owned company’s delectable and attractively packaged coffee blends, and you’ll never go back to any other choice.

4. Harlow and Grey

Harlow and Grey creates mindfully crafted partyware and lifestyle items with the goal of celebrating life’s most important moments. Jeanne Chan and Gloria Wong Tritasavit, co-founders and cousins, are the geniuses behind this female-owned enterprise, and their grasp of the modern host is unrivaled. As influencers and event planners, these inspired women create sleek, trendy, and economical partyware for any occasion on your calendar.

5. International Orange

Start pampering yourself with the ultimate quality self-care items for International Orange. This women-run business, named after the Golden Gate Bridge’s color, provides therapeutic interventions and custom-designed facials that will leave you feeling revitalized and refreshed. Do you want to have a wellness day at home? Shop their whole line of organic items to bring home with you.

6. Smitten Ice Cream

Smitten Ice Cream produces some of the greatest frozen dessert in the Bay Area. This woman-owned business has a trendy outdoor booth on Octavia Street and creates delectable tastes with local produce and liquid nitrogen. Blueberry lavender and roasted banana are two of their unusual flavors—check out more of their unique selections on their website.

7. Rodan + Fields

Rodan + Fields is a reputable skincare company. Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, both Stanford-trained dermatologists, founded this woman-owned company. They utilize their three decades of experience to develop products that are creative, simple to use, and validated by scientific research. If you’re searching for a female-owned beauty business that you can buy from without having to read the fine print, look no further than Rodan + Fields.

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