Derek Ogg QC 370x210 1 - Heather Sutherland Wiki [Miriam Margolyes’ Partner], Bio, Age, Net Worth

Heather Sutherland Wiki Heather Sutherland is a famous Australian History Professor and Academician. She openly disclosed she a lesbian and she is in a long time partnered with “Miriam Margolyes” who is a famous English actress and a Voice artist. Furthermore, both Heather and Miriam are lesbians, Miriam is well known for the character in the movie “Harry Potter” as “Pomona Sprout”. Heather and Miriam are together since 1967. Miriam is a citizen of Australia, the major reason for her to become a citizen is to explore the country along with her partner Heather. Heather Sutherland has worked as ...Read more

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