March 23, 2023

Sports handicappers, or “tipsters,” have been around for decades in the United Kingdom and the United States, determining which athletes will have an edge in upcoming competitions. Handicappers determine each player’s odds of winning by using a scoring compensation computation or other methods. Experts in sports betting at Bet22 provide their subscribers with predictions for upcoming contests. On the other hand, Swindlers are posing as professionals to place risk-free bets.


When looking for a betting tipster, how do you know if they are legitimate and where to find them?



Experienced tipsters have been in the business for quite some time and have developed their systems for analysing games. These techniques have allowed them to accurately forecast not only the winners of matches but also the spreads and totals in those matches. Tipster subscribers include professional sports bettors because they view bets as a form of investment.



This causes tipsters to have inflated expectations for the success of their forecasts. Some gamblers assume a tipster with a proven track record has a 90% winning percentage for every selection they make. Tippers are like weather forecasters in that they try to predict whether or not it will rain during a given week, but this belief is grounded in something other than reality. In other words, while their procedures improve the odds of a successful prediction or wager, they cannot ensure a particular result.


Gamblers can get the most out of a tipster’s advice if they go in with the right mindset. Bettors at Bet22 who use legitimate picks aren’t just taking a chance but increasing their chances of a positive return on their investment. This strategy entails spreading your bets over a month or a season and using the tips of a professional gambler. Bettors at Bet22 can expect a solid return on investment (ROI) in horse racing or sports betting if their picks are generated using a reliable formula that considers all possible variables and data about a match.





There is plenty of tipsters who offer accurate forecasts of future events. Here are some clues that may lead you in the right direction.


Remarkable Responses


The opinions of the people who subscribe to or follow a tipster are an excellent indicator of the legitimacy of the tipster. Bettors at Bet22 who have consistently succeeded with a particular tipster will naturally give them glowing recommendations. However, those who have fallen prey to scammers are also willing to share information about their choices.


When researching reliable tipsters, reading reviews on their social media accounts or betting tipster pages can be helpful. An indication of a seasoned tipster is a large and active community that does not simply post generic lines. In addition, insiders frequently engage in community interaction by discussing current basketball, American football, soccer, baseball, tennis, and hockey games.


Payout and Total Bets Placed


Those with a positive yield can be relied upon because it shows they successfully backed their careers with their predictions. The yield of a tipster or bettor is their win-to-loss ratio. However, what would a reasonable rate of return be? The range for this rate is 4-12 %. Remember to jot down that sum.


Bets placed by the tipster to generate that return are another piece of information to think about. Long-term tipsters can place over a thousand bets in under a year.


Betting tipsters claiming a 25% return on investment is bogus. This incredibly high return results from the fact that these people are likely only reporting 10 of the 30 bets they made in a given month. Given these results, it’s safe to assume that fraud tipsters rely on chance to win bets or provide false information to attract naive gamblers.


Look for tipsters who place over 200 bets per month and have a minimal loss %.  The tipster made a respectable long-term profit from their wagers, as evidenced by the high volume of bets and winnings in this case.

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