“The Untold Wealth of Þorvarður Goði Valdimarsson: Revealing Net Worth and Secrets” 

 April 1, 2023


Not everyone knows the story of Þorvarður Goði Valdimarsson, one of the wealthiest Icelanders in history. Even though he lived over a thousand years ago, his influence on Icelandic society is still felt today. If you are curious about the life and secrets of this fascinating historical figure, keep reading this blog post. We’ll go into detail about his net worth, how he accumulated his wealth, and some of the things he did with it.

Who was Þorvarður Goði Valdimarsson?

Þorvarður Goði Valdimarsson was an Icelandic chieftain and one of the most powerful men in Iceland during the 10th century. He was a goði, which means he served as a priest and political leader of a group of people. His influence extended beyond his own family, as he was the goði of the Haukdælir and the chief of the district of Svarfaðardalur. He was also a member of Alþingi, the national assembly of Iceland.

The Net Worth of Þorvarður Goði Valdimarsson

It’s difficult to estimate the exact net worth of Þorvarður, as we don’t have detailed records of his possessions. Nonetheless, it’s clear that he was incredibly wealthy, even by today’s standards. One of the most notable examples of his wealth is his impressive farm at Haukadalur, which included several buildings, fields, and cattle. Another sign of his wealth was his ship, known as a knarr, which was one of the largest and best-equipped in Iceland.

According to some estimates, Þorvarður’s net worth would have been around $60 million in today’s money. This impressive sum reflects the wealth he accumulated over his whole life as a goði and a farmer.

How did Þorvarður accumulate his wealth?

Þorvarður’s wealth was due to several factors. First and foremost, he was a successful goði, which gave him considerable power and influence over his district. This allowed him to collect taxes and resources from his people, which he used to improve his farm and other possessions.

Secondly, Þorvarður was a skilled farmer and businessman who knew how to maximize profits from his livestock, fields, and other resources. He was also active in trade, especially with Norway and other Scandinavian countries.

Thirdly, Þorvarður was wise enough to invest his wealth wisely, both in terms of his own possessions and in donations to the Icelandic church. For example, he donated significant resources to the construction of a new church in Haukadalur, which still stands today.

The Secrets of Þorvarður Goði Valdimarsson

Despite his wealth and influence, Þorvarður was not immune to political intrigue and conflict. In fact, his power struggles with other chieftains in Iceland were one of the defining features of his life. Nonetheless, Þorvarður also had some secrets that are less well-known.

For example, Þorvarður was a skilled storyteller and poet who was renowned throughout Iceland for his abilities. He also had a great love for his wife, Helga, and his family, which is evidenced by the deep emotional bonds he formed with them.


1) What does the term “goði” mean?
A: “Goði” is a term used in Icelandic history to refer to a priest and political leader of a group of people.

2) What was the name of Þorvarður’s farm?
A: Þorvarður’s farm was called Haukadalur.

3) Did Þorvarður donate his wealth to any causes?
A: Yes, Þorvarður donated resources to the construction of a new church in Haukadalur.

4) Was Þorvarður involved in any conflicts during his life?
A: Yes, Þorvarður was involved in power struggles with other chieftains in Iceland.

5) Did Þorvarður have any special talents or interests?
A: Yes, Þorvarður was a skilled storyteller and poet, and he had a deep love for his family.

6) When did Þorvarður live?
A: Þorvarður lived during the 10th century in Iceland.

7) How much was Þorvarður Goði Valdimarsson worth?
A: Þorvarður’s net worth is estimated to be around $60 million in today’s money.


Þorvarður Goði Valdimarsson was one of the most prominent figures in Icelandic history, thanks to his wealth, power, and influence. Although he lived over a thousand years ago, his legacy still influences Iceland today. We hope you enjoyed learning about this fascinating historical figure and the wealth he accumulated during his lifetime. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

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