Tips to Improve Concentration in the Class 

 February 25, 2022

There are so many students who learn and study in different ways they like. They are career oriented and do a lot of hard work to perform well. Students follow all the motivational quotes for students told by their tutors because they believe in those motivational quotes for students. Students are also trying several new things to prepare properly for the exams and earn more and more numbers with good grades.

Students spend their money and resources in various ways which can make them earn good marks like online teaching because online teaching is making their preparation easy and stronger than before. Students want to perform their best as much as they can but they also face some issues which distract them and disturbs their preparation to a far extent. One of such problems is not being able to concentrate on studies.

Many students complain that they want to study seriously but they are unable to concentrate and this situation irritates them a lot. This happens sometimes very ridiculously, when a student is looking at black board and listening to the teacher but all of a sudden, he or she realizes that they couldn’t get the point of the lecture going, of the last ten minutes whereas the teacher is teaching right in front of them. This happens due to lack of concentration. Students can concentrate with focus till one hour but they are compelled to concentrate for 5-6 hours in the classes in school and college. Being tired and due to hectic schedule, most of the students have this problem of lack of concentration. So, let’s talk about some tips for improving the concentration in the class:

  • People give lots of free suggestions to the students in the matter of education but they don’t understand that students have not only mental pressure but they also go through the impact of stressful study and learning. This dehydrates the body of students a lot and they suffer many physical difficulties so they should make sure that they take ample amounts of water during the whole learning procedure. This will make concertation grave in students and apart from this, students can’t concentrate till he or she takes rest completely so that the body can recharge itself and can perform attentively. These two practices improve the concentration level in students rapidly.
  • When a student tries to focus on studies and learning, the major problem which disturbs him or her is distractions. Students have to go through a lot of issues while concentrating in their studies but they are unable to do so because of distractions.  There are several types of distractions which deviate the concentration level of a student. These distractions include studying on a window which makes noises from the road that disturb the learning process, or high-volume music played by someone in the house or neighbourhood, TV, Android mobile phones. If a student stays aways from such distractions then he or she will definitely earn good grades and will perform well in class.
  • To understand a few things humans need to raise questions, questions raise curiosity to know the things and this curiosity makes students take interest to learn and search for the things they want to know as new information. So, questions like what, who, where, when & how, are the basics of research work done by students and this makes them clear the scenario of where they are stuck while learning and what are the difficulties they face while learning. When the mind of students keeps asking questions then that is the sign of an attentive mind and also that student is paying full concentration.
  • For concentrating in the curriculum and learning process students need to do innovative things like they need to introduce some new ways of acquiring knowledge such as group discussion and debates. If the students want to concentrate on what they want to learn then it is also very necessary that they should make their thoughts heard by others also. This makes flow of knowledge from others also while discussion and while discussing one comes across a lot of new study materials with which he or she was not acquainted.
  • The best way to improve concentration is to make notes of each and every subject a student’s studies. This makes students search and learn with dedication and it takes complete concentration also to learn like this.

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