Top 10 Reasons Why Activewear Is Loved By Gen-Z 

 April 20, 2022

Why is activewear becoming so popular among the Gen-Zs? Some people love the comfort of fluffy sweats, but for active ladies who need to be sitting at a desk for hours or walking on concrete all day forever, it’s no choice. Activewear is perfect for that because it’s made to move with you and give comfort.


Here are 9 reasons why activewear is loved by Gen-Z:


1) They love durability: Gen-Z might want to look fashionable, but they also want to be practical. Gen-Z is a very tough and hardworking generation, which means activewear needs to be able to handle the daily grind of school, work and play without giving out after a couple of weeks.


2) They love color: Activewear comes in many vibrant colors that reflect the carefree attitude of Gen-Z. You can find sport bras in neon yellow and purple leggings in every shade of the rainbow. It is no secret that Gen-Z values their individuality and embraces color.


3) They love comfort: Gen-Z is the first generation to think less about appearances and more about the way they feel. Activewear is designed to be slimming, flattering and comfortable so that you can enjoy their workout without worrying about how you look.


4) They love moisture wicking: Wet workouts can be uncomfortable so comfort is crucial to Gen-Z. Activewear is made of breathable materials that wick away moisture throughout the day, which also keeps you drier in case you get sweaty at work or school. When they’re not working out, they’ll feel dryer than someone who wears a sweatshirt or an oversized t-shirt in summer.


5) They love pockets: Activewear is made to be practical. That’s why most pants, jumpers and shirts have at least 2 pockets in the front. Since Gen-Z is always on the go and filled with a million things to do, they need places to store their stuff so they don’t have extra bags.


6) They love high-neckline: The high-neckline trend has swept through activewear for both tops and bottoms. It allows for coverage without feeling too much like a sports bra or undershirt, which means viewers will be more comfortable seeing you in public as opposed to your typical sweatshirt.


7) They love comfort: Some activewear is made for lounging and hanging out, whether that be in class, at home or a fun day at the beach. Their sweaters and shirts are made of soft fleece that feels like a blanket on their bodies.


8) They love convenience: Activewear makes it convenient to work out. From tanks, sports bras and leggings to shorts, warm-up pants and jackets, they can pull on something fast before running right out the door to their next class or workout.


9) They love mixing casual with active: Gen-Z loves wearing activewear when it’s appropriate and comfortable. This is because activewear can be worn in every setting from a yoga class to a school dance. This is opposed to activewear competitors, like sweats, which are reserved for the gym.


10) They love usability: You can literally wear activewear from the moment you wake up until you go back to bed, which is something that can’t be done in other types of clothing like sweats or jeans. When it comes down to it, there’s a variety of reasons why activewear is loved by Gen-Z. One thing’s for sure: they won’t stop wearing it anytime soon.


Summing it up

Activewear is loved by Gen-Z because they need something they can wear when they’re working out and something they can wear when they’re not. Activewear is also loved by Gen-Z because it’s durable, colorful, comfortable, moisture wicking and convenient. Activewear is made for mixing casual with active or even lounging with activewear.

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