Top 3 tips for a happier puppy 

 May 19, 2022

A happy puppy makes a happy puppy owner. Happy puppy makes your home happy and it can be achieved easily. Even though, dogs are mostly happy pretty much all the time but they could get sad because of separation anxiety or accidents.


Here are the top 3 things you can do to ensure your dog is always happy.

1)   Socialisation is key

Just like us humans, dogs do not like being lonely. They love interacting with canine and non-canine friends. Not only does playing with other dogs and humans make them happy, but also helps them learn key learnings. They get to learn more about other breeds and gain much more experience which helps further in maturity. One of the key places where you can get maximum interaction for your dogs is at a day care. Meeting multiple breedsand humans and teachers can be crucial for your dogs long term happiness.


2)   Fun exercises can be quite fun for the puppies

It is quite important for your dogs to get exercises and walks for their general well-being and mental health. Every age and breed needs a different amount of exercise. Regular strolls, and ample area for the dogs to roam can be quite detrimental to their happiness.Running ans walking release happy hormones in your dogs system and helps them combat various allergies and illnesses. It keepes them fit and healthy in all seasons. A lazy dog is more likely to be sad and vulnerable to major dieases.


3)   It is all about their Diet

Sticking to a meal plan and feeding your puppy with the perfect nutrition can be a very good way to ensure maximum happiness. Incorporating fresh food combined with kibble and wet food is a great strategy for your dog to gain msot nutrition You can stock up on healthy organic treats that calm them and keep them happy. Dave’s pet and graden supplies stock some of the most premium and well-known dog food brands. Choose froma variety of dry abnd wet dog food for your puppy only at Dave Pet and Garden Supplies.


4)   Use plenty of doggy toys

There are heaps of games and toys that can keep your doggos and puppies, occupied and happy. You now get doggo toys with various functions and mechanisms to keep your doggo engaged and happy. The puzzle games are great for stimulating their brains and help them in cognitive ability. Modern toys and games incorporate snacks and laser lights to be more interactive keeping your dog always on their toes.


5)   Dog Grooming can be quite pampering

Putting dog grooming in your puppies routine can be quite soothing. Although some dogs are required to have regular grooming, a nice haircut and a massage can definitely be pampering for your pup. Apart from being so relaxful, dog grooming also prevents painful mats, increased nail health and prevention of fleas. Regular grooming helps them combat anxiety and stress and makes it a habit for them to be regularly happy

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