Top 5 Coffee Shops in Portland 

 June 19, 2022

The one thing that gets all of us through our days in America, is the good ol’ coffee bean. Waking up in Portland, you won’t have to look far for a fresh brew. Here are our top 5 coffee shops in Portland.

Proud Mary Cafe

Hailing from down under, owners Nolan and Shari started Proud Mary Coffee in Melbourne. Our favorite part? You can order breakfast all day. There are two locations, one in Melbourne and one in Portland. They create homemade coffee that’s roasted right in Portland. Many of their homemade brews have won awards.


Pair their delicious coffee with their brunch menu and you have a recipe for perfection. Residents and visitors rave about the food served as much as the fresh coffee. On your next visit, stop by and check them out. If you’re looking to take it home to enjoy every day, they have cans to go. You can even sign up for their monthly coffee subscription box.

40 lbs Coffee Bar

This location brings locally sourced and roasted coffee together from all over the Pacific Northwest. They are located in downtown Portland in the historic Yamhill District. 40 lbs is family owned and works primarily on the retail side of the coffee industry. They are a one-stop-shop for your eclectic coffee needs.


You can purchase cans or bags to bring back home from suppliers and varieties all over the state. While here, you can order an array of amazing drinks. They are known to have the best Americano by many reviewers. We have also heard their Matcha cafe is delicious as well.

Case Study Coffee Roasters

With several locations across Portland, you can say that this place is a pretty popular joint. If you’re one of our readers who have been viciously researching the internet for Portland homes for sale, you should get familiar with this place. With 5 locations across Portland, you’ll probably drive past it on your commute to work.


What started as an espresso catering company in 2005 has now grown to multiple locations. They focus on small-batch brewing and homemade syrup blends to bring out the best of their brews. Case Study is a must when in Portland. Don’t forget to grab a sweet bakery item on your way out the door.


Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Another very successful local coffee staple of Portland, Stumptown Coffee has multiple locations throughout the city. They first opened in 2003 and are known for their educational and sustainable coffee brewing. Coffee is a passion for those at Stumptown and they want to share that with all of their customers.


Their website provides so much detail on their sources and how their business impacts the world around us. Many Americans don’t realize that coffee is a huge commodity for us in this country. The United States consumes more coffee than any other country in the world. Stumptown makes sure to be responsible for how their business contributes to the physiology of us humans and the earth.

Upper Left Roasters

This local shop was opened in 2015 by the daughter of two professional restauranteurs in the Portland community. Katherine wanted to create a location where not only can folks get delicious coffee, but they can gather with their friends and other locals. Her ideas were to bring together the other coffee communities in Portland.


They offer food as well, working strictly with local farmers for ingredients. It has been featured in the Portland Monthly many times as one of the best places to enjoy breakfast or brunch. Upper Left is another coffee shop you’ll have to add to your list for your next visit. You should probably plan for at least five days to coincide with your morning coffee stops. Or you’ll have to have at least 5 cups in a day. We’ll leave that up to you to decide!

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