Top 5 Frameworks to Become a Full-stack Developer in 2022 

 April 28, 2022

Suppose you look at the job description for any Full Stack Software Engineer job on the internet. In that case, you will notice that a full-stack software engineer is expected to know front-end technologies such as ES-next, Babel, React, Redux, Bootstrap, LESS, and so on, as well as back-end technologies such as Python, Django, Graphene (GraphQL), REST, MySQL, DynamoDB, Redis, Docker, and so on. There are many full-stack web developer certification programs in the market that are in demand.

1. React JS [The Best JavaScript GUI Library]

The most popular front-end framework for web developers is React or React JS. It has surpassed the group’s leader, Angular, and more and more individuals gravitate toward React. Though there is no final decision on the React vs Angular duel yet, the tendency indicates that React will win this epic struggle. ReactJS provides a component-based development methodology and allows you to design a front-end using JavaScript. Primarily a Javascript Developer, react JS should be your first pick for front-end development.

2. Spring Boot [Best Java Backend Framework]

The Spring Boot framework attempts to overcome the challenges of using Spring for Java web development in the same manner that Spring solves the pain associated with using Java EE or J2EE for Java web development. Spring Boot alleviates the burden of Java developers who spend a lot of time configuring Spring and finding a set of appropriate libraries to work together by offering features like auto-configuration and Starter dependencies. It significantly increases productivity because you can now construct a new Java web project with much less time and effort, but it’s also a bit opinionated.

3. Angular [Best JavaScript GUI Framework]

Angular is another popular JavaScript front-end that makes complex front-end development easy. It was one of the first JavaScript frameworks to attempt to standardize front-end development in JavaScript through the use of modules and code structure. It enables you to develop testable code, similar to how you would find in Java or any other mainstream language. Suppose Angular is the greatest front-end development framework for JavaScript developers who don’t like React and want to explore other possibilities. One has numerous Angular courses available.

4. Node.js Plus Express.js [Best JavaScript Back-end Framework]

This is another famous JavaScript web development framework; however, this one is for the back end. In StackOverflow’s Developer survey, Node.js has regularly ranked as the most popular framework and the key to developing an end-to-end online application in a single programming language, namely JavaScript. If you are primarily a JavaScript developer, you should study Node.JS and React or Angular to become a full-stack software engineer.

5. Django [Best Python Full Stack Framework]

Don’t worry about entering the Python world; it’s not terrifying; instead, it’s a fascinating world full of useful frameworks and modules for web development. Django is the most popular Python web development framework. It is a full-stack framework that automatically incorporates all necessary features rather than providing them as separate libraries. Django includes authentication, URL routing, a template engine, an object-relational mapper (ORM), and database schema migrations. Click here to get information on cyber security postgraduate courses.

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