Types of Hay Spears 

 May 27, 2022

You’re aware that carrying bales might be hazardous. It would be beneficial to be effective and perform successfully if you possessed reliable and secure equipment. As a result, we’ll provide you with the greatest hay spears for your tractor, which are essential!

Bale spears allow huge hay bales to be moved swiftly and safely.

You can have trouble locating the best hay attachments because they come in various sizes, brands, capacities, and other factors.

1. Mophorn Pair Hay Spear:

Due to its strong and potent build, our final winner will certainly capture your heart. You will notice the high-quality steel structure, which is sturdy and stable and can support up to 3000 pounds. Furthermore, the high-quality skid steer attachments are subjected to various heat treatments to ensure that they are not readily distorted. Furthermore, their surface is powder-coated to prevent rust and corrosion.

2. Titan Attachments 49′′ Skid Steer Hay Spear:

The Titan Attachments 49′′ Skid Steer Hay Spear delivers hay bales, huge square bales, and round bales simply and safely without additional tools.

As a result, you can link the stabilizer spears to your skid steer and let the equipment handle the heavy lifting. Don’t be concerned with tractor brands. The Titan Attachments spear attachment is compatible with various tractors, including John Deere, Kubota, and New Holland.

Due to its universal hitch and installation, the spear attachment is also ideal for various skid steer attachments. The Titan Attachments hay bales spear attachment is also practical because the spear blades are replaceable. Detach the pieces quickly if you wish to remove the Titan Attachments hay bales spear attachment.

3. Hay Bale Spear with Loader Bucket:

What makes this skid steer bale spear so special?

The security chains and ratchet load binder on the Neat Attachments skid steer bale spear allow simple table mounting and configuration.

As a result, installing and using the Neat Attachments hay bale spear is straightforward.

Furthermore, the Neat Attachments hay bale spear is suitable for various round or square bales up to 3000 pounds.

The hay bale spear for your skid steer from Neat Attachments is interchangeable and has a useable length of 44 inches.

4. EBESTTECH Tractor Hay Spear, 49 Inch:

The heavy-duty structure of the following hay bale spear is suited for various bale jobs and projects. It’s also corrosion and rust-resistant, and it won’t fade away rapidly. Furthermore, the skid steer hay bale spear will astound you with its rapid hitch attachment system. As a result, you may quickly attach it to your tractor, skid steer, or other hooks.

Furthermore, the hay bale spear attachment is suitable for various Bobcat haulers and mowers and can handle multiple squares and round bales with a maximum weight capacity of 3000 pounds. As a result, you can turn your skid steer into a versatile accessory and use it on the farm or anywhere else where hay bales are plentiful.

5. Tractor Hay Spear, 49 Inch:

Finally, our last hay bale attachment is ideal for your farm and bales since the farm bale spear has a 3000-pound weight capability. As a result, the hay bale unit can effortlessly lift and carry the bales around. The unit, of course, has a heavy-duty design that is powerful and long-lasting for more demanding purposes and applications.

The ranch equipment’s adaptability allows you to swiftly convert your skid steers into multipurpose farm machines. It’s also ideal to use the baling equipment on a farm or ranch where you’ll be working with large hay bales.

The bale equipment connects to the skid steer hitch and is universally compatible.

As a result, it’s great for transporting round and square bales because you can move them around fast, and they won’t fall off. Thanks to the quick-attach system, the baling equipment is reliable, durable, and thick enough to transport high loads without risk or hassles.

Baling equipment is appropriate for various activities and more robust processes.

Choose the right hay spear for your requirement.

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