Understanding A Virtual Classroom 

 April 13, 2022

Think of the education system and how the system functioned around two years ago. What we now know as the traditional education system or the offline system of education was previously the only known system of education around the world. It was a system that underwent minor policy changes from time to time and was suitable for everyone, be it the teachers, the students, the school or college authorities or even the parents of the students.


The March of 2020 changed this forever and for good. The pandemic had hit the planet and the lives of every one were at risk due to the deadly COVID-10 virus that was spreading faster than we could imagine. Due to this, lockdowns had to be imposed across the globe and every place imaginable had to be shut down to prevent the spreading of the Corona Virus. Educational institutions also had to be shut down due to the same.


The major question then was “How would the education of the students continue?” there was no certainty of how long the situation would stay the same or by when the situation would improve. Hence, the online system of education was introduced which became a huge success due to the advancements in technology and the accessibility and availability of the internet.


Two years ago, if you asked anyone, students, teachers or parents, about a virtual learning space or an online classroom or a system where using electronic gadgets and the internet students could study, they would all have considered it a vague concept and even would go as far as saying that this type of system would not be feasible in a country like India. Now, after two years of the online education system working in India and around the world, it is the system that has not only proven suitable and beneficial but also highly flexible and inclusive. Not only teachers but professionals from multiple fields now wish to teach online and create online courses for the benefit of the students and to make a mark in the field of education. Online classroom spaces have become highly common and popular and more students now wish to continue studying online. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the online classroom space. We will discuss the various features and functions of a virtual classroom and the platforms that can commonly be used for conducting an online class. This article will help you understand the concept of virtual classrooms better and as a student or a teacher, you will be able to make use of the same for your benefit.


To understand a virtual classroom, let us first think of the elements of a traditional classroom, without which the class cannot be conducted and also some activities that were conducted in a traditional classroom. The entire online education system, the platforms, the tools, the features and every little aspect related to it was designed such that it could be similar to the offline space. This was especially done to help the teachers and students get more familiar with this system and help make their tasks convenient. A virtual classroom space is created using a variety of apps and websites. Some apps do have all the features necessary for a virtual classroom and hence the classroom space can be created using a single app. For example, Teachmint offers a wide range of features and tools for both the students and the teachers making it one of the apps that can help in creating a virtual classroom space using just one app.


When we talk about the elements of a classroom, we think about a whiteboard, a notice board, a teacher, a group of students, teachers delivering lectures in that space and also using the board to explain concepts, students raising their hands before talking in front of the class and so on. A classroom app or a set of apps that are used for creating a virtual classroom space are created considering all these features. Other than these features, the classroom apps are offered in the mobile version, which makes these classes more flexible and makes learning on the go possible. A virtual classroom app also offers notifications that act like the notice board in the offline class and students can instantly get all the important information. Such features also make the online classes app useful even in the offline system of education.

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