Visually Impaired Students: Important Resources to Consider 

 February 8, 2023

Visually impaired students have unique needs that require specialized resources in order to succeed. It can be difficult for these students to access the same educational opportunities as their peers, but with the right resources, they can experience success. In this article, we’ll discuss what a visually impaired student is, the types of resources we can offer them, why it’s important to help these students, and the benefits of providing them with these resources.

What is a Visually Impaired Student?

A visually impaired student is someone who has some form of visual impairment or blindness that affects their ability to learn and function in an educational environment. This could include anything from low vision or partial blindness to complete blindness. Visual impairments can range from mild to severe and can affect one or both eyes.

Types of Resources for Visually Impaired Students We Can Offer

There are several types of resources that can be offered to visually impaired students in order to help them achieve success in school. These include assistive technology such as screen readers and magnifiers; tactile materials such as raised-letter maps and Braille books; audio materials such as digital recordings; and sensory aids such as lighted magnifying glasses or lenses that enlarge words on a page. Additionally, teachers and other professionals may need additional training in order to understand how best to support these students’ needs.iC2 Prephouse also has several resources for visually impaired students.

Why Should We Help Visually Impaired Students?

It’s important for us to help visually impaired students because they deserve the same opportunity for learning and growth as their peers without disabilities. By providing them with necessary resources, we are helping ensure that they receive an education that is just as comprehensive and challenging as any other student’s education would be. Additionally, we are also helping make sure that all students feel included regardless of their physical abilities or limitations.

Benefits of the Resources

The benefits of providing visually impaired students with necessary resources are numerous. These resources allow visually impaired students access to educational material they otherwise might not have been able to access due to their disability—which means they will be able to participate fully in class activities and gain knowledge at a rate equal to their classmates without disabilities. Additionally, having access to these materials will also allow them greater independence when completing assignments outside of class time on their own—which is beneficial for all involved parties!

Providing visually impaired students with necessary resources is essential if we want all children—regardless of physical abilities or limitations—to have equal access when it comes time for learning experiences in school. Not only does this ensure equity among all learners but it also allows visually impaired students more independence when completing assignments outside of class time on their own which helps everyone involved! With the right tools available at our disposal, there really isn’t any reason why we shouldn’t be offering support services tailored specifically towards those with visual impairments! Check out iC2 Prephouse for their resources for visually impaired students.

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