Wear Your Straw Cowboy Hat to Perfection – Pointers That Can Help Women Get the Cowboy Hat Right 

 November 3, 2021

Every woman who wishes to buy their first cowboy hat can get a tad bit overwhelmed. And opposed to a typical ball cap, there are a few aspects that you need to bear in mind about wearing the cowboy hat. If you wear the hat wrong, it will be a style faux pas. This article will guide women to wear the hat correctly and avert the common mistakes people usually make while wearing the cowboy hat.

The occasions to keep in mind

If you want to correctly wear the womens straw cowboy hats, you need to get the occasion right. It will affect your budget, and the occasion will help you decide on the material and color you choose. For instance, a female western pleasure rider searching for the show-ring hat can have various needs. Conventionally speaking, the felt cowboy hats gets used for meetings, formal occasions, and events. Women also prefer these hats during the wintertime, along with the straw cowboy hats.

The correct way to sport the hat

The season has an essential role to play when it comes to wearing the hat! Are you aware of the white rule for Labor Day? It is applicable for cowboy hats as well. Conventionally, the felt hats got reserved for the fall between the long May weekend and Labor Day. The summer and the spring months are usually best for sporting straw cowboy hats.

The straw cowboy hat shape and fit

Today, the cowboy hats for women gets sold both in unshaped and pre-shaped forms. The uncreased hats that come with an open brim are apt for specific dimensions and a particular customized look. Today, the bull rider crease variant is becoming popular. And just in case you have no preference for a crease style or brim and crease measurement, most hat makers will suggest that you begin outside the eye. It can avert the “taco” appearance.

Additionally, in comparison to other hats, the cowboy hat sizing considers the head circumference along with the conversion chart. And unlike the manageable ball caps, this hat comes with a correct fit. Women can wear it all day long, and it is also snug to withstand the winds. Most women also pin the hat.

The crucial etiquettes of wearing a cowboy hat

Tradition and cowboy hats go hand in hand! Even though there are minimal variations in the territory, you should know the basics before you sport the hat and walk into any occasion or event.

If you are attending an event or getting inside a building, you need to take off the hat. But there are several events where you need to wear your hat inside a building or room. It is mostly true for agricultural events and is a selected region of the southwest. If it’s an informal occasion, you can wear a cowboy hat on your back. At some formal occasions, you might have to remove the hat. However, this differs based on the location. For instance, in several areas of Texas, you need to sport the cowboy hat when you are part of a western event. It’s essential to take off your hat when you attend funerals, prayer sessions, weddings, and other flag-associated events like the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem. It is also essential to remove your hat when:

  • You are offering condolences to anyone.
  • You get introduced to an older adult or a woman.
  • You are dining at a table.
  • You are walking into a private residence.

Occasions where you must remove the hat

It’s easy to know the occasion and situation when you must remove the hat, you should also know where you must place it. There is always a debate about the rule to remove and manage the hat, it is necessary to remove your straw cowboy hat from the crown bottom. When you hold the crown top it can lead to excessive pinching or creasing. And when you make use of the brim, it will make your hat less durable and affect the shape. It would help if you placed your straw cowboy hat upside down by the crown to avert, causing any harm to its brim shape. It results in optimal airflow. Even though it might appear slightly challenging, but some hat experts suggest using hat cans. Also, it would help if you didn’t leave your priced cowboy hat in a damp or hot environment as it can lead to shrinking or warping.

Finally, women and fashion walk hand in hand! However, women who want to sport their straw cowboy hats should pay heed to a few responsibilities. You need to know the associated traditions that will ensure that the look is worth all their effort. It is necessary to understand when one should take off the cowboy hat to avert any awkward situation. Also, make it a point not to touch any other woman’s cowboy hat.

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