What Is A Decent Hit Rate At Online Slots? 

 September 19, 2022

Slot games don’t play as frequently as the average casino game. You will win more often with games like roulette or blackjack than with slots – visit KingCasino.

However, you don’t have to settle for inconsistent wins when playing slots. Instead, you need to know what to focus on when finding games that pay more frequently.

The hit rate is the most critical factor for deciding how often you will win with a particular slot machine. In this post, you will find out what this term means and why it is essential.

What is a Hit Rate?

Hit rate refers to how frequently you will win a prize when playing a slot game. Slots are designed to favour the house with an in-built house edge. Therefore, slot players lose more often than they win.

When calculating the hit frequency, the winning combos, spins that pay out less than the initial wager amount and the spins that trigger the bonus rounds are all factors to consider.

The average win frequency of slots is between 25% and 27%. If a slot pays out around a quarter of the time, it has a standard hit rate.

Some slots pay out more frequently than others. The most volatile slots often have a win frequency of around 20% or lower. On the other hand, less-volatile games have a hit frequency of 30% or higher. Therefore, the closer to 30% the hit rate is, the better the slot is for gamers to play.

Why is Slots Hit Rate Important?

The win frequency is essential for several reasons. Below are some reasons to pay attention to the hit rate when choosing a slot.

It shows how Frequently You will Win

Slots don’t pay as frequently as other casino games, but you can expect more-consistent wins by targeting higher hit rates. Choosing slots with a hit rate as close enough to 30% is a good choice. The reason is that you are guaranteed more frequent wins. In contrast, selecting slots with a lower hit rate of around 20% will keep you waiting on the wins.

More Wins are Exciting

If you spin the reels and keep losing, you will be bored quickly. But with more frequent wins, you will be more excited and want to play more.

Slots with a hit rate of 30% or more ensure that you will bag plenty of prizes. On the contrary, slots with a low hit rate will tire you if you spin the reels several times without winning anything.

Help You Manage Your Bankroll

It becomes hard to manage your bankroll if you cannot get consistent wins. Therefore, a good hit frequency helps you better sustain your funds. You will be able to pick up more payouts and manage to play longer.

The hit rate is an important stat when it comes to online slots. A higher rate ensures that you collect more frequent payouts. Luckily, most slot developers display this rate on their games, making it easy for players to choose slots with the best hit rate.

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