Why You Should Replace Your Patio Furniture 

 June 14, 2022

One of the things that got me through the pandemic was sitting outside on my patio watching the hummingbirds. Without this small luxury, I probably would have gone insane. My patio gave me a chance to breathe fresh air, get out of the house, and pretend I was somewhere other than home.

I’m sure there are many others who feel the same way about their patios as I did about mine. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your safe, relaxing space stays that way. As furniture ages and becomes worn, it’s normal to question whether it’s time for it to be replaced. A lot of people are attached to their possessions or worry about the price. The good news is that I can fix one of these concerns.

Buying new furniture doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. You can find clearance outdoor patio furniture, discounted patio furniture, or secondhand patio furniture for a fraction of the price. Don’t let your concern over price dissuade you from getting new outdoor furniture.

If you’re looking for concrete signs that your furniture needs to be replaced, look no further than this list.


It creaks when you sit in it

Furniture that makes noise is never a good sign. This can mean that your table can no longer sustain the weight of dishes, your chair legs can’t hold the weight of a person, or your furniture is breaking down. These creaks and groans, while they might add character to the furniture, will grow annoying over time. Worse, they can be a warning for a larger problem.


It doesn’t feel sturdy

If your table or chairs move when added weight is placed on them, they’re no longer considered safe. Wobbling tables and chairs could potentially fall apart and hurt the people using them. You don’t want to hurt your guest or cause additional damage to your plates and dishes. You especially don’t want to be without furniture for your patio, which will happen if the products break down.


The cushions are worn

If you’re someone who constantly uses their patio, chances are your cushions have seen better days. If your cushions appear dull, sagging, or stained, it might be a good time to replace them. While there may not be anything structurally wrong with your product, it doesn’t mean you have to keep drag looking furniture in your home.


It’s broken or ripped

If your patio furniture is broken or ripped, you’ve gone beyond normal wear and tear. Broken furniture can be dangerous to whoever uses them so getting it replaced should be something you do pronto. Until then, don’t use the piece of furniture that’s broken. You don’t want it to break mid-use and hurt you or your guest.

To repair and maintain your outdoor furniture, click the link. https://www.hgtv.com/outdoors/outdoor-spaces/how-to-maintain-and-repair-your-outdoor-furniture


It’s no longer comfortable

No one wants to sit on furniture that doesn’t make them feel comfortable. A patio should be one of the most comfortable and relaxing spaces in the house. If your dining chairs or outdoor sofa feel hard as a rock or are hurting your back, then that’s not going to be good for you over time. You don’t want to leave your patio with your back aching and feeling less rested than before. Make the change so you can start enjoying your patio again.



Rust happens when metal is in contact with acidic substances. Usually, this happens when the metal comes into contact with water. If you leave your patio furniture outside on rainy days or nights, rust will eventually form on the item. Rust breaks down the metal and corrodes your furniture so if you start to see rust form, it’s a good indicator that your furniture needs to be replaced.

Another clear sign is mold. Mold occurs in moist areas, so if you leave your patio furniture out in the rain or humidity, the cushions could become invested with mold. Mold can cause a whole host of medical problems so it’s important that you remove the mold as quickly as possible. Sometimes, mold can be removed by cleaning the cushion or patio furniture with mold cleaner but if the infestation is too bad, it’s best to get something new.

If you want to try cleaning the mold off your furniture first, click here.


It’s outdated

While this seems sort of superficial, if your patio furniture is a few decades old, it’s time for an upgrade. I love antiques as much as the next girl, but there comes a point in time where a product has outlived its use.

Outdated furniture can break down more easily or fail as opposed to newer models. If you have older furniture, make sure to inspect it and compare it to other points on this list. If it’s old, not sturdy, or broken, then it’s time to replace it with something new.


I hope I gave you the excuse you were looking for to buy that new patio furniture! Happy shopping!

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