Wordle is a love story: From Brain to Heart 

 July 15, 2022

Wordle is a popular game with over a million players playing this game daily, but the game has a romantic backstory behind it. Wordle is a game that has a love story behind it, as the game grew in popularity the story also became viral.


In this article, we are going to discuss the viral love story behind Wordle and how inspiring it is from the brain to the heart. Want to learn more about language? With AmazingTalker you can connect with one-on-one English Tutors that can help you improve your English, you can also find tutors like French Tutors! Let’s learn more vocabulary!


1. What is Wordle?

Wordle is a popular web-based word game that was released in October 2021. Later the game was published by The New York Times Company in 2022. Wordle is a game that grew in popularity in a short time. Within a month the game became viral with more than 300,000 players who were playing the game regularly. Wordle is simple, fun, and an addictive game and that was the reason why Wordle became so popular.


Every player has six attempts to guess a five-letter word. The game will give you feedback for each guess in the form of colored blocks that indicates whether a letter matches or occupies the correct position. The game mechanics are quite similar to the 50s pen-and-paper game named Jotto. It also has similarities with the 50s television game show named franchise Lingo. Wordle offers a single daily solution, and all players attempt to guess what the word is.

2. Who is the Developer: The Love story behind the game

Wordle is a game that was developed and created by a software engineer named Josh Wardle. Josh knew that his partner Palak Shah loved word games, so he created a guessing game that was only meant to be played by just the two of them. He named the game Wordle as a play on his last name. But after they played the game for months once he introduced it to his relatives, it started to become an obsession in Wardle’s family’s WhatsApp group.


Josh  Wardle thought that he might be onto something and decided to release it publicly in October 2021. In one month only 90 people played. But just two months later the game was played by more than 300,000 players. Josh Wardle had built the game as a side project. The website contains no ads, no windows pop up or flashing banners; or asking for donations. The site only offered the Wardle game on a black background. Wordle was not built with a team of programmers, It was just Wordle and his partner Palak Shah. And they were just killing time during the pandemic. In a New York Times interview on Monday, Mr. Wardle said “It’s not trying to do anything shady with your data or your eyeballs. It’s just a game that’s fun.”

3. How to Play Wordle?

Each day, a five-letter word is chosen randomly which players are tasked to guess within six tries. After each guess, every letterbox is marked as either green, yellow or gray. Green means that the letterbox is correct and the position is also correct. Yellow means the answer is correct but the position is not right. And finally the gray indicates the answer is wrong. Multiple green or yellow of the same letter means the full answer has that letter multiple times like “o”s in “robot”. Wordle also offers a “hard mode” that forces the players to include letters that are marked as green and yellow in subsequent guesses.


The game’s daily word is identical for every player. Wardle also offers a dark theme and a colorblind high-contrast theme as accessibility that changes the colors from green and yellow to orange and blue. The gameplay of Wardle is also similar to “Mastermind”, an old two-player board game that had word-guessing gameplay mechanics.

4. Where can I Play Wordle?

Wordle was first released in October 2021 by Josh Wardle but then it was later published by the New York Times in 2022. You can find Wordle on the New York Times website, it’s a web-based game so you can’t download it. But after Wordle became popular the game started to get many adaptations and clones. You can find lots of Wordle clones and adaptations on both the Play Store and App Store.


Wordle is a popular text-based game that is fun, easy, and addictive. It became more popular when people started to learn the love story behind the game itself. In this article, we have discussed the love story behind Wordle, how to play it and where you can play it.


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